Short Stories (Fiction)

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1. Robot

2. iNation

3. Data Transfer

4. IPL

5. Karate and Social Sciences

6. The humble beginnings of the red tape

7. The Truth – Let us accept it

8. The Purchase

9. How desperately difficult it is to be honest

10. The freedom that we inherit

11. Liquified pursuit of happiness

12. The Unique School

13. Where do we play?

14. Nasha yeh beer ka nasha hai…

15. The value of money

16. Simple pleasures of life

17. Ek din ka Raja

18. The most important person of his life

19. The creator and his creation

20. The language of the Royals

21. Love, Kadhal, Pyar Prema, Preethi….

22. Virus

23. Evolution of stupidity among humans

24. After 5 Years

25. It’s all a part of the game

26. Plus and Minus

27. The Thrill in being Normal

Destination Infinity

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