July 27, 2009

This is a work of Science Fiction.

The atom was hitherto considered as the basic element of everything. We know that every atom consists of a nucleus at the centre and electrons around it.

Look at where micro-biology has grown today. It has found applications even in pharmacy! It all started with antibiotics, but today we can deform certain disease causing cells by changing their chemical composition en-masse. What researchers have successfully done, is inject certain self sustained artificially intelligent viruses on certain electrons which would slowly destroy the electron by creating a huge imbalance. So, when certain electrons are destroyed in that manner, the chemical composition changes permanently and the disease causing cells are no longer harmful.

The journey towards such a path was definitely arduous. Initially we injected a slightly bigger virus in to the electron and hoped that they would dominate by sheer numbers and size, and destroy the electron. Dominate, they did but the electrons were not destroyed. The viruses adapted to the environment and started contributing to the equilibrium of the electrons. So, we removed them totally and developed a new kind of virus based on the experience gained in the previous attempt and injected them on these electrons. The main change that we did was to reduce their size but increase the levels of their artificial intelligence quotient. When we did that, these viruses seemed to develop a kind of superiority complex and huge inflated ego’s which is accompanied by a tendency to dominate even at the cost of destroying the natural elements that support life structures. And these viruses multiply fast and hence consume more resources than that are actually required, creating a perfect imbalance. It is actually not the quantity, but the quality – team work and the ability of each virus to cause considerable destruction to the electron, that is working the magic for us. We might just have a winner this time, and the initial reports coming in are highly encouraging.

We enabled every successive generation of these viruses to evolve in to meaner creatures through the self adaptive artificial intelligence algorithms that evolve with time to enable our mission to be conducted successfully. These viruses are on a different time scales – which means that whatever appears as a few seconds to us, appears as thousands of years to them!

It is interesting to note that these artificial intelligence enabled viruses have developed languages to communicate with each other! Initially we named them Code-Y type viruses but they seem to call themselves as human beings. Since that is an amusing name, we renamed our project as ‘Code-Humans’. And yes, you might also be interested to know that they are calling the Code-X type viruses, which we sent earlier as Dinosaurs!

But there is one thing our scientific community is perplexed about: The discovery of humans that their basic building blocks are also atoms – with a nucleus at the centre and electrons around them. Have you noticed – the planets (including the one that we live on) revolving around a star is very similar to the electrons revolving around the nucleus? Could it be then, that we ourselves are inside the atoms of some higher creatures/ objects, like what these human beings actually are? We don’t have any conclusive answers about that question, and our Scientific community is busy theorizing and wondering at the complexity of everything!

Destination Infinity

Agent Smith in the movie Matrix:

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realised that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet, you are a plague, and we… are the cure.

In the rare event of you liking this story, you should also check out a similar science fiction that I wrote before a long time: Robot. And for more general short stories, you could visit the Short Stories (Fiction) section of this blog.


  1. i totally agree to Agent Smith here.

    and i really like this fiction especially the comparison of planets to electrons.. somehow it does make sense. 🙂

    • The story was tailored around Agent Smith’s quote. It is one of my favourites.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Awesome take DI! Wonderful work here!

    I have always believed that we are creatures within a much bigger organism, quite similar to the organisms that live within us!

    And more importantly, I agree word to word with what Agent Smith said…… thats very true! Couldn’t be more correct!

    • The possibilities are endless, and hope we will find out one day!

      Destination Infinity

  3. love your scientific posts.

    • But sometimes, the logic goes for a toss – like this one! Thanks.

      Destination Infinity

      • Who defines what is logic? Us!

        Applying a creation’s (i.e. us) limited logic to the creation (the rest) doesn’t make sense at many levels!!

        Yeah, I made it up myself. Feel free to get confused and pull out your hair. 😉

      • Well, in many science fiction books that I have read and movies that I have seen, there are stranger things happening!

        Yeah, unless you are the creator, you have limited resources at your disposal to create logics. I accept.

        Destination Infinity

  4. Sorry, couldn’t relate with this post much! 😦

    I understand, cumulatively we’re being destructive, and disturbing the equilibrium, but still somehow couldn’t relate with the idea of our living in another organism (Earth?) like a parasite. Also, the fact that viruses of any kind are infinitely huger than electrons somewhat spoiled the fun for me.

    In some days, will check your older posts on fiction.


    • Yeah, there is no logic in this one. BTW, the person narrating the whole thing is not human – according to the story, the humans are already inside the electrons (for them) and earth (for us). Actually, the similarity of Nucleus/Electrons with Sun/Earth was very striking to me! But then, don’t take this story seriously.

      Destination Infinity

    • Isn’t the though of the earth being a complex organism some what of a Gian philosophy. Still If we were to look at some of the great red wood forests, the rain forests, and the great coral reefs, one gets the impression of a complicated yet almost a single organism.

    • That is an interesting thought. The earth being a singular organism! Your comics are well designed, just had time to glance through a couple of them, will come back to read them.

      Destination Infinity

  5. What you say (in the *bold* statement) is truly an issue that has perplexed the scientific community. There is a 9 minute movie called “Powers of Ten” that traverses 40 powers of ten from +25 to -15. Look it up on youtube, it’s pretty nice!

    Meanwhile, here’s The Simpson’s version on this:

    It is indeed baffling! Is the entire universe just a fractal network? 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for the link. I saw theYou Tube Video on the powers of ten too. Very nice, and exactly the point. The entire universe – at the macro and micro levels could very well be a huge fractal network. I think someone was fascinated with fractals when they created the whole thing!

      Destination Infinity

  6. I would dis agree as to humans being the virus…true that we have ‘spoilt’ Earth , but isn’t the way we behave natural? Isn’t this intelligence a product of evolution..and this new idea that we need to change ourselves a realization from ‘within’ , from our connection with ‘nature’?

    And what would be the right specie to here on Earth , this day and second?

    • Well, they may not be. But there are a lot of mindless things that humans are doing in the name of Science, fun and greed – Poaching for example. The tigers and lions along with deer have been living in the jungles for ages. Even though it is the nature of the lion to eat the deer, neither have become extinct till now! But due to the human activity, many of the species have been threatened now. It is evident that we don’t realize our limits and that is because of the endless ego’s we posses due to our intelligence. The idea that we need to change ourselves being a realization from within applies for a very few people, and for most, the concepts of green/organic is at the most fashionable or business.

      Who knows, maybe humans with these hopeless characteristics were chosen to be on earth! So, humans may be the right species for someone outside the earth. Intelligence combined with greed is any day a dangerous combination.

      Destination Infinity

      • When a bird sees an open rice bag on the road, it just dives down, has its fill and moves on. (But I can bet you that it will return to the same place looking for food when it feels hungry again… birds are intelligent too!)

        But if a human comes along the way, you can be damn sure that the human will try to haul the entire damn sack, regardless of the effort or need. Now blow this up in proportion to ‘resources’ worldwide… I guess you can get the picture.

        Call it greed, call it survival instincts or planning for future… whatever. Its just the way our species is.

      • I would be much happier, if all the resources hauled by humans (because of greed, which generally goes much more than need) were utilized at least by the person or their families. Very often, such wealth is locked up in bank lockers or Swiss banks and is neither useful to the person who earned it, nor useful to others. Silly, this behaviour by intelligent creatures!

        Destination Infinity

  7. I have always wondered about the part about us being inside an electron. No matter how microscopic we try to go, we can’t go inside an electron/proton after a certain limit. What if there is a whole universe inside it?
    What if we are ourselves inside an electron? Its fascinating!

    • After so many centuries of living intelligently, all that we are able to come up with are the ‘what if’ questions. The scientists also come to the same conclusions, in a more methodical and scientific way 🙂 !

      Destination Infinity

    • And yes, we are also not able to go outside the cluster of galaxies! I guess if we either break the electron/proton barrier or the galaxy cluster barrier (I mean penetration – visibility), we could have some more clarity.

      Destination Infinity

  8. I agree with Agent Smith . We ARE a Virus of this planet . And the theory of our system being the part of some huge system is very interesting .

    • I think I saw that quotation in your blog. I don’t remember though. Well, everyone is making up theories these days, and with a website, I certainly want to utilize my chances too 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  9. sorry for late response…

    very VERY intriguing…
    are we part of the atoms of some higher being? i cud spend the rest of my life pondering over that one… until and unless science answers it of course!

    • I think it will take a looong time for Science to find out such things, may be I could sell my story to Spielberg and at least have it made as a motion picture. What say you 🙂 ??

      Destination Infinity

      • absolutely!! 😀 its a rocking idea/theme u got there.. no two words abt it! spielberg wud adopt u LOL

  10. Awesome Awesome!

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