The most important person of his life

April 18, 2009

“There is a holy mistaken zeal in politics as well as in religion. By persuading others, we convince ourselves”

Ravi was frustrated.

He was a very successful politician. And since he was in politics, he had all the big connections. He was one of the most influential persons in his city. Initially, it was hard for him to get recognised in politics, but later on he learnt how to manipulate – both people and situations. He knew exactly what people wanted and he exchanged this with what he wanted. He was clear about what he wanted – Power, influence, connections and to a certain extent money and the comforts it can bring. He was considered a successful politician because which ever party he joined in a particular election, that party won the state elections. His calculations were always spot on. He knew how to play the game.

There was only one person he was not able to understand – his daughter Pavitra. She was the most important person of his life after the death of his wife when Pavitra was young. Hence he wanted to give her all the comforts and luxuries that money can provide.

Any kid would love toys. Especially the flashy and expensive ones. But Pavitra never seemed to have an inclination towards these toys. She enjoyed a stroll in the park with him more than the wireless remote controlled TV Video games that he bought for her. Such strolls were rare as he was busy back then, like now.

Any girl would love jewellery. He had bought her a lot of jewellery – Gold, Diamonds and what not. But all that was safely kept in the locker. As long as he could remember, she wore only one thin gold chain with emerald – her birth stone. She also preferred simple cotton dresses over the expensive silk ones that he specially arranged for her from Kanchipuram.

She was good in studies. She was interested in reading a lot of books too. But he never bothered much about her academics as he knew that he had the power, the influence, the big connections – those that mattered the most. He was glad that she wanted to do the MBBS course after finishing school. Becoming a doctor was anytime prestigious. He was doubly happy when she was not able to get through the MBBS course though the open category inspite of scoring good marks as the competition was intense. He was happy not because she was unable to qualify, but he was happy because at last, he could make his daughter happy by getting an MBBS seat from one of the prestigious colleges in the city as he knew the dean and they could afford the donation.  He told her as much.

“No dad. I don’t want to join an MBBS course through donations and influence. If I am not able to qualify through the system by scoring the required marks, then I would rather join a B.Sc course”

“The system has been created by people like us for people like us who have the right connections, influence and money. Do you want to sacrifice your life time ambition for such a reason?”

He didn’t have to wait for an answer. Her eyes said it all.

Ravi was frustrated.

All the power, influence, connections and money that he had was not able to buy happiness for the most important person of his life – his daughter.

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Destination Infinity



  1. DI, That was so well narrates.. And it is so true isn’t it that we forget that material gifts are not everything.. more often than not, being emotionally available is more important

    • You make an important point about being emotionally available… That is something that people should ensure for a happy family.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Money can’t always buy happiness. Good one!

    • I tried to move the story away from money, but not able to! Didn’t want to sound monotonous, that’s why!

      Destination Infinity

  3. Loved the narration.As solilo said money can’t buy the happiness and smiles.

    • I have earlier explored that concept of money not being able to buy happiness in my other stories and to a small extent – here also. But here the focus is on a situation where two people, intimately connected, feel totally differently about the same situation(s). What one believes in, the other doesn’t.

      Destination Infinity

  4. Love the easy conversational way in which you have written this story !!

    And the quote too at the start .. is it yours? very apt 🙂

    • The quote at the start is not mine, but one that I admire a lot. I like quotes like that which state the truth blatantly without bothering about how to sugar coat themselves! I too liked your poems, thanks.

      Destination Infinity

      • I agree.. simple words convey a lot.. esp when they have to be hard hitting 🙂

  5. This is a well written story. Yes, money alone can’t buy happiness.

    I liked your previous story based on ‘Wonder years’ also. Everyone cannot write stories, you know! I am one! Let me read your other stories also. I never checked for your other stories. Let me read them.

    • I just wrote a couple of casual stories before starting to blog. My interest was in creative writing. I am trying to convey some point in these. The stories are just interwoven around it. Thanks!

      Destination Infinity

  6. yup…neither do I want a seat in any college through those things…

    • Good. I always knew that about you. You have a lot of clarity and it is a good thing to have.

      Destination Infinity

  7. There are many like Pavitra and many like Ravi in our society…yes money couldnt buy the seat for pavitra, and that seat was not happiness for her, her happiness meant for her living by her rules, so SHE GOT HAPPINESS.

    • Maybe she would have been happier if she had got the admission to MBBS through the system, I mean – by merit?

      Destination Infinity

  8. Good one DI.. liked it for its narrating style and simple and powerful msg 🙂

  9. Beautiful story. Somehow reminded me of the politician’s son in Rang De Basanti. 🙂

  10. I forgot the story line of the movie… need to watch it again, I guess!

    Destination Infinity

  11. That was nice, very nice! 🙂 And yes, power and money can buy almost everything. Well, almost!! 🙂

    • Excess of power and money is definitely better than lack of both. But otherwise, I am not sure. This post was more about how two people, intimately related, can have a totally different attitude towards the same situation.

      Destination Infinity

  12. For some people, frills such as power, money, fame and comfort do not matter @ all! They are far above all these!

    Very well illustrated! Very well timed too!

    • My point was, though the politicians are seen as this ultra greedy and taking advantage of everything types, they too might have some perennial issues which might not be addressed by influence or money. The timing part was coincidental and I think we need to look at the politicians as fellow normal citizens first before lashing them out for inaction. There is a quote – “When you point one finger on some one, one finger points at God and three more finger points at yourself”

      Destination Infinity

  13. Children will always prefer a parents’ company over any toys- if they have to choose. If they take the parent’s company for granted, then they will merrily play with the toys.

    I like the poetic justice in this story. I wish real life was also like this!

    • Thanks for your comment IHM. You have got one of the main points behind my story – the poetic justice part. Though I have explored a particular situation which is possible but rare in real life, do you think a politician(the most selfish one who is greedy and addicted to power) would be happy throughout his life even after getting all that he wanted? Are we all not blaming the politician blindly instead of taking collective responsibility?

      Destination Infinity

      PS: It is my personal opinion that life is equally tough and equally easy with everyone (the politician included).

      • I think although politicians have power they have their share of unhappiness. You are right there.
        And I am all for collective responsibility. If we vote for good governance and individual liberty, we will get that too… right now we are bringing to power a lot of wrong kind of people 😦

  14. Hmm.. good one!

  15. a little girl who enjoy a stroll in the park instead of a flashy toy? sounds really nice!

    • Ha ha, that’s what I like about blogosphere – we can create situations that may not be possible in real life and explore…. We can be ideal if we want to. Which is next to impossible in real life!

      Destination Infinity

  16. no no , everything is possible even in real life, when we step into Reality..

    • I think there is a deeper meaning to what you have written… let my try to step in to the reality.

      Destination Infinity

  17. Good one!

  18. u write beautifully well 🙂
    and yes mayb becoz the experience is close my heart, i feel it more so… lovely!

    • I assumed quite a bit while writing this… good to see that people don’t think of the situation as impractical 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  19. “By persuading others, we convince ourselves”

    I believe the opposite too… you cannot persuade anyone else if you are convinced about something!

    Funny how things go in a circle all the time.

    • Correction to my previous comment: you cannot persuade anyone else if you are NOT convinced about something!

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