Love, Kadhal, Pyar, Prema, Preethi…….. (Short story)

June 6, 2009

This is a work of fiction and hence need not be generalized.

When you are all sixteen, you have to fall in love with someone. He never thought it would ever happen to him. But still, there was something about that girl that was bothering him. She was not among the most beautiful girls in the class. She was not even extravagant or beautifully dressed. In fact, the kind of dresses she wore were quite plain and simple. Maybe it was her simplicity and casual attitude that attracted him – he didn’t know for sure. There was one thing that sent electric shock across his body – her smile. Especially when she smiled at him. Benjamin Alva Edison or who ever it was that discovered electricity didn’t invent any formulae to calculate how much this version of electricity could affect people!

He had spoken with her a couple of times but each time he found out to his dismay that of all words available in the English language, he could recollect only ten or fifteen words! All grammatical rules broke down when he looked into her eyes. He was hopelessly in love with her and took some time to realize it himself.

He was not sure if he should go and propose to her. If she rejects the proposal, he would not be able to handle it. But what if she accepts? So, he could propose to her (or) not propose to her. Let us not restrict this story to one situation and look at both the situations (12 B style).

Situation 1:

It was not that he didn’t have the courage to go and propose to her. But he would never be able to handle a rejection. He thought it was better to remember her in his heart forever like this, than knowing that she didn’t like him. He didn’t propose to her even after three years when she handed over her wedding invitation to him. Even though it would have been very late, that was the last chance he had – if at all she had similar feelings for her. But he decided not to, making his love immortal.

After 5 years:

He met her in a wedding reception of a common friend. Both of them were married by then – to different people, of course. He told her that he had a crush on her back in the college days. She replied that she too had a crush on him. Both of them had a hearty laugh and went away to their respective homes.

Situation 2:

He thought it was a risk worth taking. At least, he would know if she loved him too. He was not able to stand the suspense anyway. It was much harder than he thought. His heart was beating so fast when he approached her. But this had to be done. The question needs to be asked. Somehow accumulating a lot of courage, he muttered “I think I am in love with you”.

“Really?” She smiled. The same electric smile.


“Awwww. How sweet! You can be my boyfriend”

He was undoubtedly elated. After a couple of days a small inconsequential thought raced his mind – ‘Why was she mentioning about him being her boyfriend? Maybe she wanted to be friends till marriage and then fall in love afterwards. How thoughtful!’ he reasoned.

He never fully realized the meaning of that until three years later when she gave her wedding invitation to him. He was dumb-struck. Totally speechless.

After 5 years:

He met her in a wedding reception of a common friend. Both of them were married by then – of course to different people. She said,

“You know, maybe I should have married you back then”

He was once again dumb-struck and once again totally speechless.

This story was inspired by this Tamil song and this Hindi song.


Destination Infinity

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  1. Now thats destiny !!! Both ways, he doesnt end up with the girl ! I loved the first situation ! The second situation means he stills loves that dumb girl deep deep deep deep down inside. (The characters arent from real life, is it? ‘cuz I just mentioned the girl as dumb 😀 )

    • I thought even in the first situation, he was in love with that girl! He only doesn’t express! If you are refering to the after five years part, maybe then 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. As Vimal said its the destiny of that love… both of them not able to marry each other… the 12B style is nice 🙂

    • Actually when watching 12B, we went to the theatre as a big group of around 30 people. We were shouting for the first 15 minutes where the director says – Let us see both the situations. So, when the actual story came, we were perplexed to no end!!! What is this destiny thing doing here?

      Destination Infinity

  3. LOL i liked both 🙂 this reminds me of the Tamil movie 12B where they show the parallel situations of the same guy. but in that, he gets the girl atleast in one situation!

  4. You might want to refer to ‘Sliding Doors’ instead of ’12B’.

    • What is this ‘Sliding doors’?

      Destination Infinity

      • Sliding doors is a movie where the characters are shown in two different dimensions. The stories are moving on in exactly the same line when a slight change changes the destinies. Its just that the woman misses a train in one of the dimension and in the other she catches it.
        Its a very interesting story.

      • Oh I see, I ought to watch a lot of originals I guess 🙂

        Destination Infinity

  5. Hey I love this style of story writing!! You had the reader really curious! I read without blinking wondering how each would end 🙂 You ended the story kind of the same way in both, I thought they would get married in the second one 😆

    • I would not prefer to end any story with a ‘They lived happily ever after’ phrase, as I don’t believe in that concept – especially with a topic like this!! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  6. Thanks for dropping in…

    SO u dont believe or like the Fairy tale types.. They lived happily ever after?…you had mentioned the somewhat similar kind in my blog also…hmm anyways they would have been happy other wise also..:-)..

    ஒன்னா சேர்ந்தாதான் சந்தோஷமா இருக்கனும்னு இல்லை..

    உங்களுக்கு ஒன்னா சேர்ரதுல நம்பிக்கை இல்லையா…இல்ல..அப்படி ஒன்னா சேர்ந்தா சந்தோஷமா இருப்பாங்கன்னு நம்பிக்கை இல்லையா


    சும்மா தானுங்க கேட்க்கிறேன்…quite interesting… just curious…

    • For the benefit of the other readers, I will answer that question in English.

      I don’t believe in the phrase ‘They lived happily ever after’ because I was influenced by a concept that I read in a book some years back. The author says that we should never hope or aspire to live happily ever after in our lives. As we go on life, we should aspire to set bigger goals for ourselves (which are more challenging than the previous ones that we achieved) and when we do that, we are definitely not going to enjoy the process of working towards that. If we enjoy that process, we are not doing the right thing, or our goals are smaller. The author says that by exerting ourselves through challenges in a job (even if we like it), we would develop some important skills.

      You may say that we could be both happy and same time have a challenging environment. Lot of people hope for that. But I feel that by having a goal of only being happy in a job or in a marriage, we are side tracking the responsibilities that are coming with either. I feel that we ought to hope to have a challenging work life or even a challenging married life where we should hope to fulfil our responsibilities better. In the process, we ought to take up bigger challenges – which sometimes may scare the hell out of us. We will end up learning a lot. Happiness is the by-product, which you gain along the way. But it cannot be the way.

      These are my opinions, and I sincerely request people to follow what they think is correct. Somehow, I am convinced that this is correct!

      Destination Infinity

  7. 😀 I kept wondering what the end would be like ..

    two diff stories and he still doesn’t get the girl 😀

    but seriously life is more like this than the happily ever after, much as we wish it to be..this is more real..

    • Yeah, Indeyah. Life is a vicious circle …. 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  8. DI,
    I trust this is not inspired by your own life story (if any). I could not watch the YouTube videos. Hence could you say, which 2 songs were the inspiration.
    Moreover, in most of the stories, the protagonist generally is shown winning. Even in 12B, in one scenario he gets the girl. Showing the protagonist lose in both is a very novel way. Keep up the good work

    • No, this is not inspired by my life story. It is inspired from those two songs – 1. Sakkara Nilave (Vijay movie, I forgot the name of the movie), 2. Emotional Atiyachar (Dev D).

      Even here the protagonist is shown winning, in at least one of them. But it depends on how you define winning. If it is the way you have defined (getting the girl), then he has lost on both the situations.

      Destination Infinity

  9. Hi Infinity. No Problem.
    Here it is the german translation:

    Search for happiness not in the place where you live, but in your mind
    Suche nicht an dem Platz wo du lebst nach dem Glück, sondern in dir selbst.

    The german words shows you the meaning of your text, not the original translation.

  10. I liked the first version.. but the irony of it.. showing both.. really nicely thought.. so you believe strongly in destiny ?

    As in.. whatever choice we make ..it ultimately points to the same destiny eh ?

    • That style of showing both the situations has been done in some films earlier. I used that idea in this situation.

      That was a good observation. I do think that we have the right to choose our path, but not the results. It could be due to destiny, or arbitrary randomness. But this story is not about that point at all….

      • Same thing said in Bhagvad gita eh? Do the actions.. dont think about the results 🙂

  11. seri seri appa! LOL 😛 you sent me back to 15/14 😉 damn damn , hope no common friend marriages comes and we say such stuff…I will get very emy and all and start blushing 😛 And you know what it might happen too , considering a lot of my love stories till date have had a filmy touch( reserved for a few years down the line or maybe on july 18th 😉 )

    • 15/14 a? These things were happening in the college according to the story! Ippove ippadi na 😉

      Destination Infinity

  12. What a story, DI!

    • 🙂 I want to have some variety in this blog 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  13. 😀 😀 Cool! liked the style too! i would have loved to see the dimb struck face of your protagonist 🙂

    • One advantage of the books and blogs (when compared to TV) is – you can imagine the scenes in the way you like – which is good for the creative senses it seems. But on the other hand, a television throws the directors imagination on you!!

      Destination Infinity

  14. Lovely story, DI! Your blog is really living up to its tagline! 🙂

    • I think it is time to change the tag line!! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  15. extravagant????? Do guys find extravagant girls attractive?

    • I don’t, but I am not sure about other guys. But some girls seem to believe in it!

      Destination Infinity

  16. how can you love somebody, when you only have the ‘fantasy’ of her ?

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