January 19, 2008


This is my (suggested) story for Shankar’s upcoming movie – Robot. In case if this one becomes the screenplay, you’ll always know that it wasn’t just a coincedence.

 The Era of Genetics: <2108 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…Call it a miracle, call it a breakthrough… We have finally succeded in creating a robot with a brain engineered through Genetics and Nano-technology. At last, we bid adieu to our good old semiconductor chips. The advantage of using nano-technology is, the robots can not only speak, listen and understand like human beings but it also has a brain that is atleast 100 times more efficient and faster than the human brain. Thanks to the concept of artificial intelligence, we have now moved on to supplimented intelligence and then applied intelligence. This not only makes the robots to think on their own, but also imbibes emotions into them…”

The Era of Crataceous: <60 million years ago>
An Extract from “Dino Today”

“…The new robots which we invented have all escaped into the jungles. This morning, when Prof.Duno was conducting his regular experiments, they somehow managed to hurt him severely and went away. Members of our community were surprised to know that they can actually hurt us. But news from the laboratory suggests that we better be ready for more surprises – For the robots can think atleast a hundred times better than us. It also seems that the robots could recreate themselves just like us. A hundred questions have been put to…”

The Era of Genetics” <2508 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…The Presidents decision to allocate a seperate land fo the robots has come to severe critisism. Questions are asked on why were the Robots allowed to think and take their own decisions when we always knew that we wouldnt be able to control them. We have already witnessed a lot of violence against humans and this move could just provide to strengthen the robots further….”

The Era of Crataceous: <60 million years ago>
An Extract from “Dino Today”

“…This war might just become a clash between two species. It is not just a question of power. We are far more powerful than the robots. But it is a question of technology which our robots have developed: We might very well lose this war…”

The Era of Genetics” <2508 A.D>
An Extract from “News Today”

“…This will most probably be the last edition of ‘News Today’ as the few thousand humans left on earth have began to flee into the jungles. Meanwhile, our researchers have found out the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. It was not any meteor or comet. It was’nt even drastic changes in the climate. It was actually because, the dinosaurs invented robots, just like we did, which they were not able to control, just like us. But the most interesting part is, they called their robots “Human Beings”. It means that ‘we’ were the robots invented by the dinosaurs!!…”

Destination Infinity.

PS: Dinosaurs were extinct about 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous period), after living on earth for about 165 million years. If all of earth time from the very beginning of Dinosaurs today were compressed into 365 days (1 calander year), the dinosaurs appeared on January 1 and became extinct the third week of September by this scale. (Using the same scale, the earth would have been formed approximately 18.5 years earlier). By comparison, human beings have been on earth only since December 31 (New year’s EVE). And we thought we were the greatest testament for Survival on earth! For more such information on Dinosaurs, you could visit this link: http://pubs.usgs.gov/dip/dinosaurs


  1. Let me add salt on the injury:
    The day is not far, you need not marry and do the circus to produce the child. Robots will do the copulation job with much more precision and decision. Just allow him/her(robot) to do it. He’ll do according to your whims and fancy with much more versatality and efficiency!
    Can a robot replace a man? Never, a robot can never replace a ‘conscious’ man. Only an unconscious man can be replaced by a better robot. Many of us are living just like dead wood and in an unconscious way. Then robots are better.

  2. Nice Comment. Though I did n’t intend to take a stand in this particular post and wanted it to be some sort of fiction, your opinion is interesting. An ideal world is boring indeed. The fun and the amusement is in the in-accuracy would be solely missed vis-a-vis the idealism of Robotic – Era.

    Destination Infinity.

  3. hey! gr8 blog 🙂

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