Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu – World Classical Tamil Conference

June 21, 2010

Semmozhiyana Thamizh Mozhiye

In this part of the world, language is everything. Language is communication, language is commerce, language is politics, language is recreation and pretty much everything else.

The language is Tamil. You would be surprised to see the passion that the people here have for their native language. They also share a strong sense of brotherhood for all the Tamil speaking people around the country/ world.

Photo of Main Hall - Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu

Main hall from outside - World Classical Tamil Conference

To reflect their love for the language, a World Classical Tamil Conference (Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu) is being conducted, this time in Coimbatore, TN, India from June 23rd to 27th, 2010. It is an opportunity for one and all to learn and exhibit their knowledge of the language and see for themselves the various forms that the language has taken from time immemorial.

Inside the main hall - Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu , Coimbatore

The seating capacity in the main hall is around 50,000 and there is also a provision for additional 30,000 people to stand/sit down on the ground to watch.

Stage view from inside the main hall - World Classical Tamil Meet

The total allocated budget for the 5 day conference is around 300 Crores. Arrangements for commutation has been made via 400 special busses and three special trains for people around TN and neighbouring states to attend the meet. Forty one marriage halls with food arrangements have been readied for the stay of people coming from other places.

Museum view from outside the Tamizh Semmozhi Manadu Coimbatore

In the venue itself (CODISSIA Grounds, Coimbatore), apart from the main hall, there is a museum hosting more than 700 artefacts detailing the history and forms the language has taken. There is also a book fair with around 130 publishers having their stalls and displaying their books. There is also a handicrafts exhibition cum fair organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Huge complexes (temporary ones) are being constructed for serving food – the complex is expected to cater to 4000 people in five minutes. The meals would cost Rs. 30/- per plate in the afternoon. There is also an audio-visual arena with twelve plasma TV’s for multimedia presentations / screening movies related to the language. Around 70 portable toilets have also been organized, since the place is an open air venue and huge crowds are expected to attend this meet.

Dining Hall - World Classical Tamil Conference - Coimbatore

As to what is going to happen in this conference – Around 1500 language experts would be presenting papers/ essays related to various aspects of the language. Numerous Patti Manrams/ Karuttarangugal would be organized (Debate sessions) to discuss the richness of the language and also the challenges facing the development of the language in this modern era. Cultural programmes like dramas, songs, folk arts, dances etc would also be organized. All the programmes are expected to be covered extensively by the media.

Logo - Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu - World Classical Tamil Conference - Coimbatore - 2010

The theme song for this World Classical Tamil Meet has been composed by A R Rehman and directed by Goutham Menon. This has been written by the Chief Minister of TN, Mr. Karunanidhi and sung by a lot of well known singers.  The video of the song can be viewed in this link (Click to view).

There was an oorvalam –  procession (rally) titled ‘Iniyavai Narpadhu’ as a part of the Semmozhi Manadu event in Coimbatore through Avinashi Road. The two photos published below were clicked from there. To see more photos from ‘Iniyavai narpadhu’ oorvalam (rally), click here.

Iniyavai Narpadhu - Semmozhi Manadu bharathiar iniyavai Narpadhu - Globe and dish - Semmozhi Manadu photos

Destination Infinity

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  1. thanks for the update 🙂

    Yeah, since I am in Coimbatore, its easy for me to visit the place and take the photos….

  2. Its a colosal waste of tax payers Money

    I was expecting this comment sooner or later…. All views are welcome but do try to add a couple of points to justify your opinion…

  3. Tamil Nadu Government Orders are
    serialised as G.O. Ms,standing for
    This could be changed to G.O. Tn

    Interesting. One thing I would have always liked to see is an effective feedback mechanism in place for the Government and its various departments. If a lot of people come with suggestions like above, they could be considered for implementation. The internet might be a good place to start getting feedback and suggestions from the public or even their own officials…

  4. I still don’t know whether this conference is really needed or not…

    First they have to appoint proper Tamil teachers in the schools so that students may find its true enjoyment… else no conference can save the language…

    I can go one step further and say that the teachers who are teaching languages or any other subject need to teach it with passion – only then the passion will pass on to the next generation. If the teachers and students are interested only in marks, it doesn’t really help the language I guess…

    • wow…… nice comment yar

  5. it is really appreciable to see all photos through this site from remote area

    Since I live in Cbe, and since it was a sunday and I was too lazy to even sleep, it was easy for me 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation

    Destination Infinity

  6. its very nice for us to see all these things. if they arrange any special arrangement for school student to view manadu to participate they also enjoy tamil manadu during 23 to 27

    The TV and the print media would be covering this event extensively – so watching it should be easier. But yeah, a more participative approach could have been adopted for people from remote places to participate – like competitions, painting, etc. in real time. The internet is a very participative media and a lot of things could be achieved in real time in this media…

  7. I’ve been reading about this in the papers! These days they are emblazoned with news from the Tamil conference!

    I’m not sure what the objective seems to be! Besides, at a whopping 1000 crore Rs., I believe a lot more good causes could have been undertaken to improve the state!

    Whatever the objective, its an opportunity for common people to think about what they have contributed to the language that has helped them communicate with each other and achieve a lot of things… it is also an opportunity for common people to learn more about their native language… and perhaps contribute something for the same too…

  8. I had seen glimpses of the preparations for the semmozhi tamizh mozhi maanaadu in TV. You have given nice photographs.

    Are you happy with the song? After hearing the song for 4-5 times, I can retain only the fist two lines in my memory. Other lines/words of Karunanidhi are not heard at all…just loud, irritating sound.

    Did you like the song?

    Actually I feel that the song starts and ends well but in between a western version of the song and a lady screaming at the top of her voice makes it slightly odd… but otherwise I like the song – I mean the music and the feel of it – not sure about the lyrics…

    • yes.i like the song tamil welcome

  9. By adding honour to world tamil conference, dinamalar launched a website seperately for tamil conference. That is http://www.tamil.dinamalar.com have a look…World Tamil Conference 2010 contains all the buzz details of semmozhi maanadu, which includes videos, audio and the upcoming events

    Nice site. The article on ‘Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu – Oru Kannottam was especially good…

  10. I wish the conference a GRAND SUCCESS
    Tamil is of considerable antiquity. It has its own poetic theory, its own grammatical tradition, its body of literature that is quite unique.

    Tamil is indeed a great language that has not only survived but is also thriving for quite a long time. It is our responsibility to take this great tradition forward. I am not sure about surpassing other literatures as we cannot generalise without knowing the other languages you have mentioned… but I guess it is as good and as rich as the other languages you have mentioned…

    • Thiru Suryanarayanasastry’s dream has come true by the hard work of many people who have contributed to tamil.Likewise our dream of Tamil being No.1 will come true one day

  11. hi tamil welcome always

    Always welcome!!

  12. Tamilan Endru Solada Thalai Nimrinthu Nillada.
    Thanks To KALAINGAR KARUNANATHI For Held This Conference In Coimbatore.

    Yes, Mr. Kovai Sundaram!! 🙂

  13. I Request You To Pls Publish The Seperate Web Site For World Tamil Conference Soon.
    Thank You.

    I think there should be others doing that – Dhinamalar, in the above comment has indicated something similar too… Since I am an individual blogger writing about various topics, and limited time available, will try to convey as much as possible…

  14. As Tamil Speaking Sri lankan am really glad about this conference. and its makes even more proude to say that my beloved Father is participating as a delegate in this coference.

    Valhza Tamil!! and Good luck..

    Oh great! Delegates from other countries are especially welcome and I guess their point of view and representation will give a lot of fresh impetus to the meet…

  15. The proposed conference is unnecessary bcos, it lacks the true spirit and its 200% commercial.Language would never grow bcos of false pomp,gimmick and show. Utmost care is taken for advertising thru their family TV,live coverages, widening the DMK support base in the BJP strong Kovai belt, extract as much money as popssible from the rich industrialists of the belt by any DMK partyman,right from a party worker,councilor to MP…There are a lot of selfish motives involved in promoting the conference.Never get carried away by these dramas aimed at 2011 elections.Otherwise, nothing against “Ulaga Thamizh Manadu” that is convened by proper authorities(with International consensus) whose real concern is to promote the language without any hidden agenda and family welfare.

    Well I guess at any point of time, there would always be commercial and tactical influences in big events. Maybe we can also look at it like this – If power and commerce can make such a big event a reality, and make people to work hard to make it a success – then why not?

    In my point of view, individuals can take this as a good opportunity to learn about and contribute to the language. But it is always good to have debatable discussions, and your point of view is taken.

  16. According to it tamil madu is important. But there must be more important to be given in srilankans

    Am not sure about the situation in Sri Lanka (past or present), so can’t comment on that point… But I guess a lot of visitors are expected from Sri Lanka too and perhaps one of the future conferences can be held there…

  17. this manadu will rise the proud of tamil language. this manadu is needed.thank u.

    Thanks for your opinion, I too think a mega – meet like this would give good global/ national exposure…

  18. Etuth thikum tamil vellum

    ok… 🙂

  19. […] post the information using the comment form below. … http://www.jetmarks.com/ Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu – World Classical Tamil Conference … Jun 20, 2010 By adding honour to world tamil conference, dinamalar launched a website seperately […]

  20. tamil valga .Tamilan Endru Solada Thalai Nimrinthu Nillada. Tamil En uyir

    Thalai nimirndhu nirpadharkku yellorudaya pangerppum miga avasiyam!!

  21. Coimbatore is a hat n city..


    Coimbatore is a happening city as well as a work-a-holic city! Ppl from other cities need to learn from them on how to work hard!!




    Hats off, indeed…

  23. engum tamil ethilum tamil., en ezha makkal ettru kondal vazhga indha tamil manadu…….

    Engum thamizh, edhilum thamizh – nama thanga adhai neraiverthidanum…

  24. migavum aanandamaga iruku,naan angu illaie endra yekkam,enn manam kanindha yeeniya nal vazhthukkal ,manadu nalla gembeeramaga nadandhu ,tamizh makkal,tamizh mannil meendum thulizh vittu oongi thalarandu oyaaramaga nirparkal.tamizh vazhga

    Thamizh makkal, Indhiya mannil oongi oyaaramaga nirpargal, kavalaye padadhinga…

  25. But brother, the theme song of this event is not as forceful or touching than AR’s Vande Mataram or AR’s Airtel Jingle. If you don’t believe me, Hear the Airtel Jingle and Vande Mataram song of Rahman. You will feel the difference.
    You are a good blogger giving full detailed blogs. I have subscribed to your blog!
    I am a new blogger from Tirunelveli. Finished my 12th std. Marks : 1157/1200 Medical Cutoff : 199/200 So, I am going to join Madras Medical College or Stanley Medical College through counselling. Feel free to contact me through:
    mail at : thenellaiexpress@gmail.com

    No doubt, the other two songs you have mentioned are good… but I think this song suits the theme of the event. The selection of singers could have been better… And congrats on your results – All the best for your future career in medicine…

  26. […] Infinity Abstract writing, implied judgement, parallel relativism « Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu – World Classical Tamil Conference Iniyavai Narpadhu Procession Photos – Sendhamizh Manadu Kovai 2010 June 23, 2010 […]

  27. Vazzga Tamil vallarga Tamil

    Naama yellarum serndhu than vazha valara vekkanum…

  28. Em Mozhiyam tamil Mozhli, semmozhiyam nam mozhi,vazha Tamil mozhi , vazharga nam mozhi…

    Mozhi vazhvadharkkum valarvadharkkum makkalooda pangerppu migavum avasiyam…

  29. mootha mozhiyam, muthalil thonriya mozhiyam, ullaga mozhiyam,athu en thai tamil mozhiyam. velga kovai manadu. ulaga tamilargaluku paditha angal iyya kalaingar avargaluku nanri


  30. I am not very aware regarding this conference . So have been trying to read as much as possible on it.

    Your post and the pics are quite informative for those like me who are clueless.
    Read Sandhya’s post today and her passion for the language was touching.

    Actually I was also not very aware, but since I am in Cbe and happened to read some Tamil papers and magazines, was able to get some information from them – all the papers here seem to be filled with info on this subject!

  31. In tamilnadu, there are more people who are below poverty line.And so, instead of spending crores of money for tamil conference. They could have taken a few steps regarding this. Nowadays rich become richer and poor become poorer. The money which they had spent for tamil conference was the money of people, which we have paid through tax. According to me this is unnecesary, because why do we want to think as tamilians, malayalees, punjabi’s.etc. Let us think we are Indians and will do good for India.

    Actually, this is only my suggestion. And so, if i’m wrong, i’m sorry.

    Expressing one’s opinion is definitely not wrong. In fact, the opposite of it, being quiet is. Being open to that opinion being right or wrong is in fact, very good… that’s exactly what you have displayed in your last line

  32. Hello nallavangala kodi kodia avare vachiruntha thapila oruthanu onu pesa matinga… ipa selavu panathu notta nyayam pesathinga… ipadiavathu cbe nalla irukenu peruma padunga… inga nadakati vera yengayachu manadu nadanthurukum… so dont see all as critical plz… IF u feel tamilan dont search wrong one from this… 1000 of people got job also destroyed classical dance and historic works are turned back by this conferrence think that

    As you say, we can see both positive and negative sides to an event. But we should be aware and appreciate critical opinions as well – they contain some truth too…

  33. This is a waste of money why we’ve to spend much money for this conference

    Your argument is accepted, but the decision is the state’s and a lot of people seem to want it too… But yeah, there is always another side which we need to consider as well…

    • you people will NOT nt appreciate good things at all’
      you try not things: but critizise others who
      are doing better things.
      your elders will tell you that you are a waste and
      exependiture on you is also a waste ! ok ?

  34. For this Conference we’re wasting our Tax money nearly 400 cr. Tamil conference is much important only but for this we’re spending 400 cr. is too over. we can also conduct this kind of conference within a few cr., the remaining part can be spend to develop the infrastructure in tamil nadu. in Tamil nadu so much of people are living very poor, to get a single rupee is a difficult in nowadays but we’re wasting too much of money for this conference in just 5 days, in many schools tamil teachers are not there, if the government has the true responsibility means they must have to be appointed……..!

    You said one of the most important point – appointing the right teachers to teach Tamil. I think, the quality of education is as important as giving it! The Government should be bothered about it, and I hope there are more people like you wanting to develop the situation…

    • when u become CM ., U do’nt spend wastefully.

  35. Missed a wonderful opportunity to personally witness one of the great events in India. There may never be another like this ever.
    Thanking the organisers for their toil and vision.

    Toil sure they did, Vision is something people also need to have along with the organisers… only then it will become a reality

  36. Hi

    This is totally waste of money nearly 500 crores.
    Now a days no electric power in tamil nadu nearly 2 to 3 hour everyday. Instead of tackling this electric power problem, wasting of money in the name of tamil is worst of government. This conference will not benefit to tamil. With this money government can do constructive work like constructing new industry so that people of tamil nadu will benefit.


    You have highlighted another important point – lack of power. Conference or no conference, if a Government wants to give uninterrupted power to its citizens, it can and actually should. Its just that the people are taking the power cuts easily!!

    • u better contest and win as MLA and become
      as C.M. then curtail the expediture of Tamilnadu

  37. Our Money 380 crores wasted. That may used for develop out state and improve education.

    We are so much concerned about the 380 Crores – what about the amount that is remaining, is that being properly utilised? Is there any way in which we track how much money is utilised where? Do we know the budget – how much it is, how much money gets allocated to which department, how much is being utilised how and where? As responsible citizens we must get to know all that. The Government can definitely develop the state and improve education – its the duty of people to make it do so.

  38. If the point is the revive and celebrate Tamil, why this conference. Who would have the patience to sit through so many debates and lecture sessions at one go for 5 days straight?? and What’s the use? People come and people will forget and back to their lives…

    TV and newspapers are a good medium spread the awareness, I would say… a daily colomn or a daily programme (creative of course), organise competitions at schools, colleges and universitites… a theme through out the year… a conference is a waste of money like many have said above!! Wonder when the our govts will learn to channelise money in the right direction of progress…

    Imagine this – many of the politicians are made to sit and listen to everything for five days!! 🙂 The ways you have suggested to improve the awareness and quality of the language were good…

    We the people have formed the Government. The Government is not a separate entity, like how people have conveniently imagined it to be! If the people want to and learn how to channelize money and resources in the right direction, the Government also will. The Government is just a reflection of the people.

  39. Chemmozhi manaodu very very sucess. tamil makkal perumitham kolla vayppu kidaithirukirathu. Dr.Kalingar. Avarkalluku Nanty.

    Was not able to follow the event, due to lack of time… hope it was good as you mention…

  40. Well done Dr Kalingar. Semmozhi Manadu was eye opening for every one in the world to know that our language (Tamil)is a beautiful language and every one can learn and speak our language and our culture. I love the Semmozhi song every much. Please write more song like this. Congratulate to all the team who have work hard and spend their time to make this program a sucess. VALLARGA TAMIL

    We can also learn, speak and understand other languages – like how we have done with English… Thamizhai nama yellarum serndhu valarppom!!

  41. Hi, is there any essays about it?

    If plz send me via E-Mail

    No, I don’t have any essays – actually no time to follow the happenings of the meet! But will try to post some pictures of the museum if possible by the next week…

  42. Sadly I dont see the justification for the expenditure…be it Tamil or Punjabi or Bengali.

    Well, as I said in the post as well, in this part of the world, language plays an important part in politics…

  43. wonderful photos & script 0ne step above other reoprts !

  44. really wonderful & cosy script ….one step
    above other reports in various medias.
    keep it up !


  45. really wonderful & cosy script ….one step
    above of other repotrs by medias

  46. How can one say Tamil is a global language when only Tamil people are speaking it? All these are just a propaganda and does not help anyone. This event is aimed to promote political agenda and its DMK ideology rather then any tru contribution to Tamil language. In fact these politicians are degrading the authentic Tamil language through their false ideology.

    I have not seen any other event of this magnitude to discuss, develop and nurture a language… The sheer scale of it and the global participation that it received (understandably only by Tamilians and ppl who understand the language) makes it appreciable – don’t you think?

  47. Tamil is indeed a great language and has made vast contributions to our literary traditions. But so also has been the contribution of Sanskrit to the richness of South Indian culture. I have blogged about this at http://chapter18.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/classical-languages-political-agendas/


    The article which you have linked is nice… In fact, ppl here are refering to Tamil as the only living Classical language clearly accepting the presence of other classical languages including Sanskrit…

  48. […] post the information using the comment form below. … http://www.jetmarks.com/ Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu – World Classical Tamil Conference … Jun 20, 2010 By adding honour to world tamil conference, dinamalar launched a website seperately […]

  49. yah it’s some what intresting

    Some what interesting is it?? 🙂

  50. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood andintrestinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  51. every thing is great in this conference
    thank you Tamil nadu people and the leader of world tamil and other participants.

    thank you

    We love to listen each and every speaches made in the conference : some body can you inform me how can i listem them all please


  52. its only waste of time and money……………total waste

  53. It was a grand success
    Everyone enjoyed those five days and a
    loving feeling for our mother tongue Tamil
    was kindled in us. We r all back to our normal work but the memories lingers in our mind
    thank u all for ur involvement in the conference
    vazgha tamil

  54. kalaignar is a wnderful person

  55. hi,i just wanna ask something….tamil mannadu normally held according to year calculation or how…pls reply me soon..i nid it very much…n if u have anything related to tamil manadu post it,Thank u for your kindence..

  56. hi im karthicki working from auminfotech ind pri ltd. me atten the tamil semozhi manadu conference im very very like for 5 days program thanks for cm ayya mr.karunanithi and other mp or mla thanks,,,

  57. it’s very beautiful and very nice .it’s exellent.

  58. Its a awesome thing by our CM i hope that he will conduct a tamil conference in our singara chennai also.

  59. it is use full

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