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Religion is the opium of the masses…

December 19, 2009

He was rich, he was powerful, he was influential and he was addicted.

He was the president of the trust which owned one of the most influential temples in his location. The temple was so popular that it drew crowds even from the neighbouring states. Naturally, when there is such a high foot fall, there is bound to be good commerce in and around the temple. And he controlled that commerce.

He was not born rich or influential. He was the son of one of the priests of the temple. As was the custom, be too became the priest in the same temple. He had a certain charm and style of saying the prayers. There was a lot of life in his ways. This was noticed by the temple authorities and he was asked to chant the prayers during important and special occasions as the collections were generally higher when he conducted the sessions. People were mesmerised by his skills and were happy to donate considerable amounts.

His administrative skills were also not un-noticed. He made sure that the queue moved faster and special prayers were started on time and ended on time too. People liked the punctuality he introduced. He interacted well with both the temple staff and the devotees. He understood their concerns and often took steps to rectify them, as far as was possible in his capacity. These small gestures made him the favourite of the devotees as well as the temple staff. After a point of time, he was even considered lucky and was requested to preside over many of the functions and important occasions of people. Especially people who were rich and influential. That enabled him to develop a lot of important connections. All this took so much of his time that he did not have any time to get settled in a family and have kids!

Eventually he was made the treasurer of the temple. This brought him in the direct contact of all the trust members and enabled him to have a clear view of all the money that was exchanged between various parties. He knew exactly how much money came in and where it all went. During his period, the collections to the temple increased tremendously and hence no one, including the members of the trust bothered to look into minor details of where a certain share of it was going to. He knew the loopholes of the system and the money flowed freely in to those loopholes. Rather, he was able to direct the money into them quite perfectly.

Once he started to make more money, he wanted even more. And then, a lot more. He was able to make any amount of money he wanted to, and he was still in the good books of the trust members as the donations and collections kept increasing as well. After a point of time, he had so much black money that he had to open an account with a Swiss Bank. After all, the income tax department could raid the houses of important people any time! And he did not want to part with his money in the form of taxes, to the Government. First, it was made illegally and second, why should he give the Government any money? What did the Government do to him anyway? He was a very hard negotiator, even for small amounts and never spent huge amounts of money on anything.

In due time, he became the President of the trust. He started to make so much money that he had no idea of even how many zero’s were there in the value he held in his Swiss Bank! He had so much money.

Now, in his death bed, he was only worried about one thing – What would happen to all the money once he passed away?

He realised just too late that he had been addicted so much to making more and more money that he never thought about spending it! All his happiness came from making more and more and more of money alone. Money, in his case, became a commodity rather than being the medium of exchange, that it normally is!

Religion is the opium of the masses.
Sure. Like how,
Money is the opium of the rich.

Destination Infinity


The thrill in being normal

October 29, 2009

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“Stop controlling my life”
“We are not controlling your life, we are helping you out…”
“Who are this ‘we’?”
“I am sorry but that is classified information, I cannot give it to you”
“God… How did I pass my University Examination?”
“You wanted to pass, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, but I attempted less than even twenty percent of the questions… how can I still pass?”
“It’s enough if you want to pass, the rest will be taken care by us”
“So, now if I want a job, you’ll get it for me?”
“Yeah sure, why not?”
“And what if I don’t perform well in that job, I would lose the job won’t I?”
“We have people everywhere and at all levels… you don’t have to worry about losing your job at all”
“Why should this happen to me? Can’t you see all the others are normal, they get the marks they deserve, they get the jobs they deserve, they get to live their lives they deserve…”
“You don’t have to. You are special… you can get what you want… you just need to let us know your wants”
“You have any idea how it feels to be controlled by you people for 20 long years? Right from the day I remember, I have been getting almost everything I wanted – toys, food, education and almost everything. You people interfere with almost every aspect of my life in the pretext of making me happy but you don’t understand what situation you have landed me at this point of time… You just don’t have an idea how helpless I feel”
“We have ensured that you get what you want till now, and will continue to do so, you don’t have to worry”
“Great then, I want to be normal”
“I want to be normal, like all the other people in this world. I want to fail and see how much failure hurts so that I would enjoy success, when it comes. I want to earn my living and taste the food that I earned for myself. I want to struggle for a living so that I can sleep at nights. I don’t want a bunch of people controlling every aspect of my life – I want to be free. I want to be normal.  I want to live my own life – that’s what I want. Can you give it to me?”
“We can, but all the privileges that you have been getting from us all this time would be stopped immediately. Is that ok?”
“That is perfectly ok. Just let me live my own life, I would be much happier on my own”

Flashback: 20 Years earlier

This is a special classified project that the Psychology department of the University has undertaken where we would adopt a kid and give almost everything that he needs through our network and resources. The objective of this project is to find out if a person can live happily if all his wants and needs are met at every stage of his/her life.

Destination Infinity

PS: This is one story that I wrote (In Tamil) during my college days, I became famous in my class for having ended a story in a flashback. They thought it was unique 🙂 Those days I used to write something in pieces of paper and pass it to other benches for their comments and feedback, and the paper would return to me with all the comments! I guess I had a mini blog and a mini audience back then itself 🙂

PPS: Don’t spoil kids by giving them everything. That was the message.

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After 5 years

September 6, 2009

“Yeah, tell me… Oh… I am going in an auto… that’s why its noisy. Yeah… One minute… I ll pay him and be back”

How much?
Sir, 90 Rupees.
What? It shows only 70 rupees in the meter.
Sir, we take 20 rupees extra for leaving people outside city limits.
Who told you this is outside city limits? Are you trying to cheat me?
Sir, It is.
Who decides that? You follow your own map is it?
Sir, everyone pays.
Is there a rule like that? You cannot over charge like this. I will complain to police.
Sir, Let us go to police station if you want.
You people are hopeless. Here have it. And know one thing, cheated money doesn’t remain with you for long.

“Yeah. No, he was over charging, that’s why I was arguing with him… It’s not about the 20 rupees, but he should not cheat… Yeah…”

After 5 years:

Yeah, tell me… Oh… I am going in an auto, that’s why its noisy. What? We lost the catering contract? That is our existing customer… But, how can they just decide on price… They didn’t even give us a second chance… The price we quoted first time could have been higher, but… The competition under cut our prices?… But generally the competition quotes in that range only no?… What, they got inside information about the price we had quoted?… Our own employee tipped them off??… How did you find out?… That was one of our profitable customers… Is there any other chance?… My God!”

How much?
Sir, 90 Rupees.
What? It shows only 70 rupees in the meter.
Sir, we take 20 rupees extra for leaving people outside city limits.
That 20 Rupees will make you happy? Here take 100 rupees, and keep the change.

“Yeah. No, he was over charging… Yeah, I gave him ten rupees more than what he wanted… Why? At least, let him be happy”

Destination Infinity

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July 27, 2009

This is a work of Science Fiction.

The atom was hitherto considered as the basic element of everything. We know that every atom consists of a nucleus at the centre and electrons around it.

Look at where micro-biology has grown today. It has found applications even in pharmacy! It all started with antibiotics, but today we can deform certain disease causing cells by changing their chemical composition en-masse. What researchers have successfully done, is inject certain self sustained artificially intelligent viruses on certain electrons which would slowly destroy the electron by creating a huge imbalance. So, when certain electrons are destroyed in that manner, the chemical composition changes permanently and the disease causing cells are no longer harmful.

The journey towards such a path was definitely arduous. Initially we injected a slightly bigger virus in to the electron and hoped that they would dominate by sheer numbers and size, and destroy the electron. Dominate, they did but the electrons were not destroyed. The viruses adapted to the environment and started contributing to the equilibrium of the electrons. So, we removed them totally and developed a new kind of virus based on the experience gained in the previous attempt and injected them on these electrons. The main change that we did was to reduce their size but increase the levels of their artificial intelligence quotient. When we did that, these viruses seemed to develop a kind of superiority complex and huge inflated ego’s which is accompanied by a tendency to dominate even at the cost of destroying the natural elements that support life structures. And these viruses multiply fast and hence consume more resources than that are actually required, creating a perfect imbalance. It is actually not the quantity, but the quality – team work and the ability of each virus to cause considerable destruction to the electron, that is working the magic for us. We might just have a winner this time, and the initial reports coming in are highly encouraging.

We enabled every successive generation of these viruses to evolve in to meaner creatures through the self adaptive artificial intelligence algorithms that evolve with time to enable our mission to be conducted successfully. These viruses are on a different time scales – which means that whatever appears as a few seconds to us, appears as thousands of years to them!

It is interesting to note that these artificial intelligence enabled viruses have developed languages to communicate with each other! Initially we named them Code-Y type viruses but they seem to call themselves as human beings. Since that is an amusing name, we renamed our project as ‘Code-Humans’. And yes, you might also be interested to know that they are calling the Code-X type viruses, which we sent earlier as Dinosaurs!

But there is one thing our scientific community is perplexed about: The discovery of humans that their basic building blocks are also atoms – with a nucleus at the centre and electrons around them. Have you noticed – the planets (including the one that we live on) revolving around a star is very similar to the electrons revolving around the nucleus? Could it be then, that we ourselves are inside the atoms of some higher creatures/ objects, like what these human beings actually are? We don’t have any conclusive answers about that question, and our Scientific community is busy theorizing and wondering at the complexity of everything!

Destination Infinity

Agent Smith in the movie Matrix:

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realised that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet, you are a plague, and we… are the cure.

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