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Love, Kadhal, Pyar, Prema, Preethi…….. (Short story)

June 6, 2009

This is a work of fiction and hence need not be generalized.

When you are all sixteen, you have to fall in love with someone. He never thought it would ever happen to him. But still, there was something about that girl that was bothering him. She was not among the most beautiful girls in the class. She was not even extravagant or beautifully dressed. In fact, the kind of dresses she wore were quite plain and simple. Maybe it was her simplicity and casual attitude that attracted him – he didn’t know for sure. There was one thing that sent electric shock across his body – her smile. Especially when she smiled at him. Benjamin Alva Edison or who ever it was that discovered electricity didn’t invent any formulae to calculate how much this version of electricity could affect people!

He had spoken with her a couple of times but each time he found out to his dismay that of all words available in the English language, he could recollect only ten or fifteen words! All grammatical rules broke down when he looked into her eyes. He was hopelessly in love with her and took some time to realize it himself.

He was not sure if he should go and propose to her. If she rejects the proposal, he would not be able to handle it. But what if she accepts? So, he could propose to her (or) not propose to her. Let us not restrict this story to one situation and look at both the situations (12 B style).

Situation 1:

It was not that he didn’t have the courage to go and propose to her. But he would never be able to handle a rejection. He thought it was better to remember her in his heart forever like this, than knowing that she didn’t like him. He didn’t propose to her even after three years when she handed over her wedding invitation to him. Even though it would have been very late, that was the last chance he had – if at all she had similar feelings for her. But he decided not to, making his love immortal.

After 5 years:

He met her in a wedding reception of a common friend. Both of them were married by then – to different people, of course. He told her that he had a crush on her back in the college days. She replied that she too had a crush on him. Both of them had a hearty laugh and went away to their respective homes.

Situation 2:

He thought it was a risk worth taking. At least, he would know if she loved him too. He was not able to stand the suspense anyway. It was much harder than he thought. His heart was beating so fast when he approached her. But this had to be done. The question needs to be asked. Somehow accumulating a lot of courage, he muttered “I think I am in love with you”.

“Really?” She smiled. The same electric smile.


“Awwww. How sweet! You can be my boyfriend”

He was undoubtedly elated. After a couple of days a small inconsequential thought raced his mind – ‘Why was she mentioning about him being her boyfriend? Maybe she wanted to be friends till marriage and then fall in love afterwards. How thoughtful!’ he reasoned.

He never fully realized the meaning of that until three years later when she gave her wedding invitation to him. He was dumb-struck. Totally speechless.

After 5 years:

He met her in a wedding reception of a common friend. Both of them were married by then – of course to different people. She said,

“You know, maybe I should have married you back then”

He was once again dumb-struck and once again totally speechless.

This story was inspired by this Tamil song and this Hindi song.


Destination Infinity

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