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Powerful Quotations

June 30, 2009

I am always hungry for quotations. I consider them to be pearls of wisdom. I call the following quotes powerful because, they have had a huge influence in changing the way that I have thought about certain things/people.

“The Liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else” – George Bernard Shaw

Think about it. Just think about it. I have reduced lying just because of this single quote 😉

“The mind is everything. It is in the mind alone that one feels pure and impure. A man, first of all makes his own mind guilty and then alone he sees another man’s guilt” – Sri Sarada Devi

I don’t remember where I read this quote, but the explanation given there for the above quote is even more interesting – If you get angry about a particular quality in someone (say jealousy), then you have that quality somewhere deep inside you and you are actually getting angry due to the presence that quality in yourselves. You don’t normally get angry when you read the news of a murder in a newspaper, do you?

“You are responsible for whatever happens around you”

I don’t really remember the exact wording of this quote, so the one you see above is an approximate version of it. I was first thinking how this could be possible. I mean, if my neighbour falls down on the road, how can I be responsible for that? But then, the truth and the wisdom of this quote slowly took me over. There was a School Pupil Leader (SPL) in my school who was walking around when he say a little girl (may be 2nd or 3rd standard) kneeling down outside. He asked her why she was kneeling down, and she said that she didn’t do her homework the previous day because they went for a movie. He immediately went in to the class, spoke with the teacher, apologised for the girl and made sure that she was back in the class after promising him that she would be regular with her homework in the future. That was not his job and he need not have done it, I have even seen previous SPL’s who were arrogant, bossing around etc. If you understand the wisdom of this quotation, you will understand why certain people are born leaders.

“When you show a finger at someone (blame someone) kindly notice that one finger points at him, one finger points at God and three fingers point back at you”

So if you are a believer of this quote: “The United States has taken all our best and worst people from us”, then you will realize that you need to read the previous quote once again! Ok, this was done just to add some humour 🙂

If there were similar quotations which influenced you, please put them down in the comments section or in your blog. I would love to add them to my collection!

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