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Mystery of the Misery

December 23, 2007

                              Mystery of the Misery


                                Babbage Differential Engine

Let Grief striketh upon thee….

If there was no grief, there would not be happiness either.
Happiness and Grief are not absolute –
They are absolutely Relative.

If there was no grief on this planet,
Mahatma Gandhi would have remained MK Gandhi..
Abhimanyu would have remained just another archer..
Socrates would have never become a philosopher..
The Du pont’s would have remained in France..
Mother Teresa would have been a charming daughter, wife, mother and grandmother..
Dada would have remained retired Sourav Ganguly..(This must have been the work of a hacker – mind hacker?)

Years of Struggle, Years of Pain,
All to see his efforts end in vain..
Because his ‘Analytical Engine’,
Was born too Early..
Early,by a century..

We made his Analytical Engine in to a Computer,
After much toil, After much Struggle..
If Charles Babbage was born today,
Imagine what he could do to our computer..
Because his Struggle,
Was much greater than our struggle..

Let grief striketh upon thee….

Wish not for its abstinence,
But the will to fight its sustenance.

Because there is no mystery,
Without misery.

Destination Infinity.

The second picture in this post is actually an Charles Babbage Difference Engine which was made in the 1990’s as per the diagrams formulated by Charles Babbage, more than a Century ago. You can find the details in this website: