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Why not switch over to Linux/ Open Office/ Mozilla?

July 25, 2010

I have just now installed what I feel is one of the most impressive and simple-to-use Linux OS versions – LinuxMint. Everything works out of the box – network adaptor, Wi-Fi client, Mobile broadband USB based device, printer, MP3 & Flash for audio/video multimedia play back, and pretty much everything else! All this might sound like very normal for Windows users – but for Linux, it is no short of a Renaissance!

Initially, two years back, I tried Fedora Linux (On dual boot mode) – but did not use it much as there were some restrictions in my office and I couldn’t connect to the printer. Then, I happened to take a break for about six months and was determined to use Linux. This time, I installed Ubuntu Linux. Agreed, I had to do some minor configuration changes to play Mp3, Flash and even the Wi-Fi (The wireless adapter did not work and I took help from a colleague who downloaded the driver and made it work), but most other things, including printer, worked. Then I upgraded to the latest version and suddenly found that my display was gone when I booted in to Ubuntu!  This is why I always keep Windows in dual-boot along with Linux. Then I inquired and my geek friend asked me to try LinuxMint. It seems LinuxMint uses the same repositories (what ever that is) as Ubuntu but comes with built-in support for most of the hardware drivers. I can testify this – On my Toshiba laptop, pretty much everything worked!

On any laptop or PC, all the components are not manufactured by the same vendor. Your graphics card might come from a different vendor, your DVD drive might come from a different vendor, your Wireless adapter comes from a different vendor. So, each component also includes their own software (device driver) to work with the processor and other components in a Laptop/ PC. But this crucial piece of software is written mostly for Windows. That’s why everything works immediately in Windows. But for Linux, there are thousands of enthusiastic open-source volunteers around the world who keep track of all such devices that are released in the market and write the code for recognizing/ supporting them by themselves – you can guess why this is so difficult. So, getting to use a Linux OS which natively supported all such different components out-of-the-box on my Laptop was such a surprise!

By the way, open source means that all the programming code used to develop an application/ Operating system etc are hosted in the Internet for anyone to see/ test and re-use it to make further improvements/ newer applications. Open-source is nothing short of a new and rising reformist movement – but I will expand on this later, in another post.

Coming to the applications part I seriously fail to understand why one uses a commercial package when an excellent alternative is available in the form of OpenOffice. With OpenOffice, most of the features that we need to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc are very much available and simple to use. Of course, initially it might be slightly difficult or rather different, but you can learn things very fast as you explore.  You can directly save a document or a spread sheet or even a presentation as a pdf file! And most importantly it doesn’t crash or hang. You can very much open an MS Word Document (In .doc format), edit, and save in .doc format, if you wish to. But the open-standard for saving a document(for example) is .odt and I strongly recommend that everyone save and exchange documents in this format. I have been using OpenOffice for more than a year, and it is my primary office application for both my personal and official use. I have not come across major compatibility problems with Microsoft files except few minor formatting changes, which can be corrected easily. OpenOffice, by the way, has a Windows version also that you can use – so there can be no excuses.

Mozilla Firefox is my favorite browser and it is very much supported both in Windows and Linux. I was even using a WYSIWYG blog post editor which came as a add-on to Firefox. I guess Firefox should be the browser with maximum and very interesting add-on’s. There are other browsers like Opera, which work very well in Linux. I was using Mozilla Thunderbird (but currently use Evolution) as the email client in Linux.

As you would have seen from what I have written, I am no geek. But a little interest and exploration led me in to the wonderful world of Linux / Open-office/ Mozilla. In fact, you have open-source equivalents for almost every paid commercial application developed for windows. Have you heard of the GIMP program, which is an excellent alternative to Photo-Shop in the open-source environment? I even downloaded an open-source DVD writer application for Windows (when trying to install the LinuxMint) which is not only free but does the job perfectly without reminding you that the demo license period is over and you need to pay $ to use the software!

And most importantly Linux loads only the applications that we really need and hence boots very fast and shuts-down equally fast, without really wasting precious minutes. Yeah, the icing on the cake comes last – You don’t have to install an Anti-Virus program which keeps reminding you hundred times in a day that it has caught this or that virus, and still find that your files/ USB devices are infected with so many viruses that the only way to continue to use the computer even for a temporary period is to re-format the whole hard-disk!!

Destination Infinity

You don’t have to be a Geek to switch over to Linux – you just should not be very dumb!! 😛


Iniyavai Narpadhu rally photos – Sendhamizh Manadu Kovai 2010

June 23, 2010

Today, 23rd of June 2010, there was a procession on the theme ‘Iniyavai Narpadhu’ {Sweet 40 things} which is basically a rally with statues and models (oorvalam) about Tamil language, culture, icons, civilization, folk arts, musical instruments, etc. from VOC Park in Coimbatore to the CODISSIA grounds where the Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu (World Classical Tamil Meet) is being organised. The procession went through the Avinashi Road and there were huge crowds all along the way to watch it. Since I was also one of the crowd members, I hereby share some of the photo’s that I was able to click from there. Enjoy :).

Iniyavai Narpadhu 1 - Semmozhi Manadu 2010Iniyavai Narpadhu 2 - Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu CoimbatoreIniyavai Narpadhu 3 - Ulaga Semmozhi Manadu CbeIniyavai Narpadhu 4 - World Tamil Conference 2010Iniyavai Narpadhu 5 - Thamizh Manadu Kovai Iniyavai Narpadhu 6 - Semmozhi ManaduIniyavai Narpadhu 7 - Tamil conference 2010 Coimbatore ProcessionIniyavai Narpadhu 8 - World Tamil Meet Coimbatore procession photosIniyavai Narpadhu 9 - Avinashi road procession for Senthamizh ManaduIniyavai Narpadhu 10 - Procession PhotosIniyavai Narpadhu 11 - Semmozhi Manadu procession Coimbatore photosIniyavai Narpadu 12 - Semmozhi Manadu photosIniyavai narpadu - 13 Iniyavai Narpadhu 14Iniyavai Narpadhu 15 - Tamil World Conference Coimbatore photosIniyavai Narpadhu 16 - Semmozhi Manadu procession photos avinashi road Iniyavai Narpadhu 17 Coimbatore Semmozhi manadu procession VOC park to CODISSIA photosIniyavai Narpadhu 18 - Semmozhi procession photosIniyavai Narpadhu 19 Thamizh Manadu Oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 20 - Semmozhi manadu bhavani oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 21 - Semmozhi Manadu first day display photosIniyavai Narpadhu 22 - Coimbatore Thamizh Manadu procession oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 23 - Kovai Senthamizh manadu display photosIniyavai Narpadu 24 - Semmozhi Manadu artefacts photoIniyavai Narpadhu 25 - Bharathiar statue photoIniyavai Narpadhu 26 - Semmozhi Manadu ship photoIniyavai Narpadhu 27 - Semmozhi manadu traditional arts performerIniyavai Narpadhu 28 - Semmozhi Manadu statue photoIniyavai Narpadhu 29 - Semmozhi Manadu Iniyavai Narpadhu 30 - Semmozhi manadu 2010Iniyavai Narpadhu 31 - Semmozhi manadu Iniyavai Narpadhu 32 - Semmozhi ManaduIniyavai Narpadhu 33 - Semmozhi Manadu Coimbatore Oorvalam photosIniyavai Narpadhu 34 - Semmozhi Manadu puliyattamIniyavai Narpadhu 35 - Semmozhi manadu madu photoIniyavai Narpadhu 36 - Semmozhi Manadu satelliteIniyavai Narpadhu 37 - Semmozhi Manadu kudhirai attamIniyavai Narpadhu 38 - Bharathiyar statue semmozhi manaduiniyavai Narpadhu 39 - Semmozhi Manadu folk artsIniyavai Narpadhu 40 - Semmozhi Manadu KadhalIniyavai Narpadhu 41 - Semmozhi Manadu temple and nandhi statueIniyavai Narpadhu 42 - Semmozhi manadu folk arts kalaingargaliniyavai Narpadhu 43 - semmozhi manadu procession house iyaanar statueIniyavai Narpadhu 44 - Semmozhi manadu coimbatore 2010

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Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu – World Classical Tamil Conference

June 21, 2010

Semmozhiyana Thamizh Mozhiye

In this part of the world, language is everything. Language is communication, language is commerce, language is politics, language is recreation and pretty much everything else.

The language is Tamil. You would be surprised to see the passion that the people here have for their native language. They also share a strong sense of brotherhood for all the Tamil speaking people around the country/ world.

Photo of Main Hall - Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu

Main hall from outside - World Classical Tamil Conference

To reflect their love for the language, a World Classical Tamil Conference (Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu) is being conducted, this time in Coimbatore, TN, India from June 23rd to 27th, 2010. It is an opportunity for one and all to learn and exhibit their knowledge of the language and see for themselves the various forms that the language has taken from time immemorial.

Inside the main hall - Ulaga Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu , Coimbatore

The seating capacity in the main hall is around 50,000 and there is also a provision for additional 30,000 people to stand/sit down on the ground to watch.

Stage view from inside the main hall - World Classical Tamil Meet

The total allocated budget for the 5 day conference is around 300 Crores. Arrangements for commutation has been made via 400 special busses and three special trains for people around TN and neighbouring states to attend the meet. Forty one marriage halls with food arrangements have been readied for the stay of people coming from other places.

Museum view from outside the Tamizh Semmozhi Manadu Coimbatore

In the venue itself (CODISSIA Grounds, Coimbatore), apart from the main hall, there is a museum hosting more than 700 artefacts detailing the history and forms the language has taken. There is also a book fair with around 130 publishers having their stalls and displaying their books. There is also a handicrafts exhibition cum fair organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Huge complexes (temporary ones) are being constructed for serving food – the complex is expected to cater to 4000 people in five minutes. The meals would cost Rs. 30/- per plate in the afternoon. There is also an audio-visual arena with twelve plasma TV’s for multimedia presentations / screening movies related to the language. Around 70 portable toilets have also been organized, since the place is an open air venue and huge crowds are expected to attend this meet.

Dining Hall - World Classical Tamil Conference - Coimbatore

As to what is going to happen in this conference – Around 1500 language experts would be presenting papers/ essays related to various aspects of the language. Numerous Patti Manrams/ Karuttarangugal would be organized (Debate sessions) to discuss the richness of the language and also the challenges facing the development of the language in this modern era. Cultural programmes like dramas, songs, folk arts, dances etc would also be organized. All the programmes are expected to be covered extensively by the media.

Logo - Thamizh Semmozhi Manadu - World Classical Tamil Conference - Coimbatore - 2010

The theme song for this World Classical Tamil Meet has been composed by A R Rehman and directed by Goutham Menon. This has been written by the Chief Minister of TN, Mr. Karunanidhi and sung by a lot of well known singers.  The video of the song can be viewed in this link (Click to view).

There was an oorvalam –  procession (rally) titled ‘Iniyavai Narpadhu’ as a part of the Semmozhi Manadu event in Coimbatore through Avinashi Road. The two photos published below were clicked from there. To see more photos from ‘Iniyavai narpadhu’ oorvalam (rally), click here.

Iniyavai Narpadhu - Semmozhi Manadu bharathiar iniyavai Narpadhu - Globe and dish - Semmozhi Manadu photos

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My Professional blog on Computer Networking – Please vote!!

March 19, 2010

Hi People,

I guess this is the right time to come back, as I have now got my Reliance Data Card (3.1 Mbps) as well as a new Toshiba laptop (the motherboard in the old one was not working!). And as an icing over the cake, my professional blog on computer networking has been nominated as one of the finalists in the Avant Garde Bloggie Awards 2010 in the “Best Professional Blog” category. I am sure you remember this website, as I had introduced it earlier, when I started it.

But now, I want to write a separate post on the same as I have taken quite a bit of efforts for that website. I took a break for almost 6 months to write 125 articles in that blog, full time, all related to computer/ IP networks (I work on providing networking solutions for various organisations/ enterprise companies – I am involved in the Pre-Sales and the Sales activities, precisely). But, taking a break for six months is a professional gamble. Fortunately, my current boss viewed it positively as the website was in the same domain as my work, so I am back to my full time vocation.

Frankly, I wanted to achieve two things with that website – One, achieve recurring income through advertising and second – try and fetch leads for requirements for networking projects with new customers through the website.

So, on the first one, I have made around $ 25 USD in the last 10 months (I have just written 4 articles in the last four months due to lack of time) through Google Adsense which is a Pay-per-click advertising network run by google. So, as you can see, it averages to around 2.5$ a month, and that is not exactly a huge amount! But yeah, these are the initial months and I hope to make it better as I go on.

The second one is more interesting – I needed to write on specific brands/ products in order to generate any kind of leads for new business opportunities. I also needed to mention specifically that if any one was wanting such a product/ solution in so-and-so place, they could contact me using the contact form. But I never did either!! I have kept the website as neutral as possible without any product names/ brands and hopefully I will keep it that way in the coming years. This decision was not planned, in fact, the reverse was planned! But another hurdle in this approach was, most of the visitors who arrived through the search engines were outside India or at least not from the southern states where we work.

But frankly, since I have referred to a lot of material over the internet and the downloaded manuals etc for writing each article in the site, I have got a better understanding of enterprise networks and the elements that go in to building and managing them – This is priceless!

If you are inquisitive, it takes around 3,500 to 4000 rupees to get your domain and hosting space on a shared server (I hosted it in Bluehost). Then you need to install a content management system (Like self hosted version which I used) and get a theme to suit your blog/ site. The last two are available free of cost. And yeah, C.Bavota (the developer of the free theme that I am using), if you are reading this, the first investment that I would make is to purchase your professional theme of the same magazine basic series when my first check would arrive from Google! because I love the theme I am using – Great work mate! I might still not change to the new professional theme I buy though!! And yeah, Google pays out once the amount accumulates to 100 dollars – so I guess there is no hurry 😉

Ok, the idea of writing this post is to request my wonderful audience (if you remember me still!!) to vote for my blog in the Best Professional Blog category of the Avant Garde Bloggie Awards as I would love to see it win there!

For this blog (Destination Infinity), I am planning to write at least one post per month from now on, and I want to take some interviews with real people we meet every day (Auto-wallah’s, shop owners, etc) and write about their life, work etc. in order to get a better understanding of the lives of people living around us. I have wanted to become a journalist when I was young, and this is the closest I can get to it – but still I am happy, as with my blog I can decide on what gets published!!

Destination Infinity

PS: Here is the link you need to click to vote. Happy Voting 🙂

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January 3, 2010

“Sir, why don’t you buy this popcorn?”

“No, we don’t want…”mumbai beachPhoto credit:

“Please sir, it is so tasty…”

“Yeah it must be, but we are not in a mood for it”

“Eat it and you will get the mood”

“No yaar, we don’t want it”

“Sir, please”

“Do you go to school?”

“Yeah, we go to school in the mornings and in the evenings we come to this beach”

“Why are your parents making you sell these things”

“They don’t have money”

“Ok, take this ten rupees”

“Here are your two popcorn packets then…”

“No, we don’t want popcorn. Just have the money”

“Why you don’t want the popcorn?”

“I told you no, we are not in a mood to eat popcorn, re”

“Then have your money back”

The kid (maybe 10 years of age) gives them the money and walks away from there. The two youngsters chase him, take the popcorn from him and pay him for the popcorn.

This is a true incident. I was very close by when this happened in one of the beaches of Mumbai.

And I could hear Bombay say ‘This is the spirit of Aamchi Mumbai!’

Destination Infinity

Wishing you people an advanced happy new year 2011. That way, you can’t complain that I am late or I forgot to wish you for 2010 😛


Classical Fusion Music – The way forward?

October 23, 2009

The above song ‘Taaye yeshoda’ from the movie ‘Morning Raaga’ is one of the best Classical/Carnatic fusion songs that I have heard till now. The first fusion song I heard was ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ by Colonial Cousins. That was a brilliant fusion of western and classical. I have always wondered why there have not been many fusion songs after that. Carnatic/classical music has never appealed to me earlier, and I thought it was boring, when I was young. But of late, I seem to love music with a classical touch in them – which makes me wonder if age/circumstances influence our musical tastes…

Carnatic music, which is the classical Indian music popular in South India has been kept quite exclusive and as my friend says, even a rasika needs to know the nuances of raagam/thalam etc to appreciate its real beauty. May be that is one reason, they don’t carry mass popularity. But there are some real gems that even a common man (like me, for example) can enjoy and I was lucky to listen to a couple of them during a recent December music festival in Chennai. Western music and film based pop music seems to have a much wider appeal.

So, if more fusion songs like the above are made, probably a lot of people could enjoy and carry forward the versatile musical tradition that we have developed and nurtured over centuries. And if you know any fusion songs like this which are good (in any language), please do suggest them in the comments.

Destination Infinity

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HAL Aerospace Museum and Tiruvannamalai Temple Photos

October 11, 2009

It’s been a long time since I put up a photo post, since I rarely take any photos. I am either too lazy to take photos or my cell phone is too complicated for such operations. Anyways, crossing all the self inflicted hurdles, I managed to take some photos.

The below are some pictures taken in HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore.

HAL Aerospace Museum 1

HAL Aerospace Museum 1

HAL Aerospace Museum 2

HAL Aerospace Museum 2

HAL Aerospace Museum 3

HAL Aerospace Museum 3


HAL Aerospace Museum 5

HAL Aerospace Museum 5

HAL Aerospace Museum 6

HAL Aerospace Museum 6

HAL Aerospace Museum 7

HAL Aerospace Museum 7

HAL Aerospace Museum 8

HAL Aerospace Museum 8

The below photo was taken in front of the Tiruvannamalai Temple (Annamalai is another name of God Shiva) in TN. Quite a big temple this.

Tiruvannamalai Temple

Tiruvannamalai Temple

Actually I went to attend the marriage of a relative, there. And they gave one small booklet to everyone. There was one section in it, which was quite interesting. It was in Tamil, but I will translate it for you people.

Why should you eat food by sitting down on the floor (with your legs folded)?

Since the eating culture is changing very fast in our country, we are eating food by standing, sitting on the sofa, walking etc. Instead of eating food sitting on the chairs of the dining table (sometimes with one leg over another, sometimes without removing shoes, sometimes watching TV simultaneously), it is better to follow the habit of our ancestors – sitting on the floor with legs in folded position as it is good for the health. When we eat food, there is some movement in some joints in our body – this movement will cause some pressure on the joints. Sitting down with legs folded would help reduce this pressure, which is good for the joints. Also, when we are standing or comfortably sitting on the sofa, there is more chance that we would eat more (lot of) food, which is also not good for health. Even today’s medicine advises you not to eat so much food that your stomach is full.

So, you fast-food-culture-brought-up people, know this :D. Of course, fast food in itself is bad for health.

Destination Infinity

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Book review – Laghukatha

October 1, 2009
I was reading two books – “My country My life” by L K Advani and “Glimpses of world history” by Jawaharlal Nehru (See how neutral I am – I read books written by leaders of both rival political parties 🙂 ) and both of them are 1000 pages plus non fiction content – so I wanted to take a break and at that time this book – Laghukatha by Sakhi, which I had ordered through the net, came. It was a welcome change.


This is the first time that I have read a story which is just about 180 characters in length – the book starts with this shortest story. Most of the other stories are short too, as the stories first came out in the blog and hence have been written for the fast internet browsing audience of today. With non fiction, you tend to see how many pages you have completed, how long you have been reading etc, but it is always the reverse with fiction – I finished the first 74 pages in a couple of hours! The stories which follow, I am already familiar as I have read it earlier.

This book primarily consists of situations that someone might either want to be in, fantasize to be in, might be embarrassed to be in, or is afraid of being in and mostly ends on a positive note (Some are realistically sad endings, but they are a few in-between). The author deals with life’s complex situations without preaching what is wrong and what is right, and the tone is ‘observationist’ and neutral. The situations that are created is more from a “wishful thinking” point of view and it plays on the emotions to create a suspense as people do wish they were in certain situations which might be different from their routine life. Since a lot of stories involve doctors and hospitals, we assume that there might be some influence from ‘situational reality’ as observed by the author – and some of them do have fairytale endings making us happy and think ‘At least these things happen in fiction’!

On the flip side, the names of the characters are quite strange – Jui, Ketki et all. Maybe this is a deliberate ploy to make the reader notice and get involved. It would have been better if the book had something more than the blog – but a book is any day more comfortable to read!

Destination Infinity

PS: There is a selfish reason for doing this book review – Actually I am planning to write my autobiography (Since I need to live life before writing that, you people may have to wait another 33 years :P). But when I do write that and publish it (in whatever form that is popular then), I expect you people to buy it, write a similar review and encourage me – so, I am setting an example here. And yeah, that will be much more than 170 rupees… 🙂 But still you all will buy it – won’t you?

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The Message of ‘After 5 Years’

September 10, 2009
If you have not read the short story ‘After 5 Years’, please click on the link, read it (It takes only 2 minutes) and then come to this analysis.


While I thank the readers for coming up with many valid interpretations to that story, the message I wanted to convey was not simple. I am an expert in complicating simple things 🙂

Imagine this situation: You go to a restaurant, you have a buffet lunch. You have eaten to your stomach full and had desserts too… When you want to leave, the waiter comes with a lemon juice. You don’t want to miss it (as you have paid a good amount for the buffet) and somehow manage to drink it fully. Here, the act of drinking the lemon juice, which normally would have a positive feel about it, became negative (or at best neutral) because you have just eaten a lot of other tasty stuff.

Now imagine this situation: You have not taken you lunch (maybe because of the work), then you need to walk down for half an hour in hot sun to reach your favourite restaurant, and find out that you are late and they have closed the lunch section. There is nothing there in the surroundings to eat/drink. You are so tired and start thinking how tough it is going to be to walk to the next eat-out joint, which would take another half an hour of walking in the hot sun. Now the waiter comes and offers you a lemon juice, as you might be a regular customer for them. How happy would you feel! in this situation. You might even give him a nice tip for a very simple gesture!! (Even if he charges you for the lemon juice) as he is serving you something that is very much needed by you at that moment.

So, have you noticed how the same lemon juice has evoked such mixed reactions! Your mixed reaction is entirely based on your situation just prior to the incident (of receiving the lemon juice). So, in a sense, your happiness of enjoying the lemon juice depends on how much you are deprived of it.

In our story, in the first case, the person was just casually chatting (perhaps with a friend) and might have been young enough (though there is no such explicit mention in the story) not to be exposed to the hardships of life. So, the extra 20 rupees charged to him looks like big cheating to him. (Let us not get in to whether the charging of 20 rupees extra by the auto driver was right or wrong – it is clearly wrong and I am not supporting that, and the focus of the story was not that point).

But in the second case, the person is perhaps running a business and is introduced to the perils of making money in the big competitive world. When people are suddenly subjected to such situations (after having been pampered endlessly in their homes, etc), they tend to react in two ways: One set think that all the world cares is about bad things only and everyone in this world are bad and hence becoming bad like them is our only best defence or means to growth. Another set think that what a lot of people are doing is wrong and we should try and be different and set a positive example, inspite of the hassles involved. I am not getting in to which is better as both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Without deviating much from the story, in the second case the person is simply introduced to bigger perils of life and hence the overcharging of 20 rupees doesn’t look that big a sin to him any more (This, was suggested by the readers too). But the core message that I wanted to convey is : Nature gives us trouble to understand the value of goodness. Good and Bad just cannot exist individually. You need one to understand/realize the other. That is why the “They lived happily ever after” concept propagated by the movies/novels is totally false. If you are always happy, you would forget what happiness feels like and the happiness in itself would become a profound state of sadness.

The argument against this would be: “What if I have happiness always and I keep increasing the happiness at every stage of my life. Then, it would be a total bliss – right?” Think about it and you answer that question (to yourself).

Destination Infinity

“Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice” – Ancient Chinese proverb.

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Fast Furious and Danceable Songs

August 25, 2009

This is a musical Tag.

Last time, we did the Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs. This time, we will do Fast Furious and Danceable Songs.

Anyone who is tagged needs to mention their top five favourite songs (minimum) in their blog (Or you can also do the tag by listing the songs in this comments section, if you don’t want to do a post on this topic). But all the five songs need to be of a certain genre – this time the songs need to be Fast, Furious and Danceable. The songs can be in any language, and it is recommended that they be in multiple languages. You don’t have to link to all the songs if you don’t want to – just mention the album/song and we’ll google or youtube it. All the bloggers who were awarded in my previous post are tagged, and in addition to that I am tagging a few more people – I will let you know in your comments section.

The idea of doing a tag like this is to identify the best song in this genre and since there are so many songs in the internet, it is impossible for searching the best ones among them. That’s why a little collaboration among music loving bloggers would help us identify the best songs, often the ones that we have never heard before! So, if you have listened to a song and wanted to dance (or at least thought it was danceable), just do this tag and let everyone know.

Like last time (Best of Slow, Melodious, Soulful songs and Top Slow Melodious and Soulful songs), I would be listing down my favourite 20 songs in a countdown format among all the recommended songs. So, please leave a comment in this post after you finish doing the tag, so that I can include your songs as well, in that list. And I will also link your post from here, so it will be easier for others to access them.

I am doing this tag first 🙂 Here is a list of my top five favourite Fast Furious and Danceable songs:

Destination Infinity

PS: You can list songs that are Fast, Furious (OR) Danceable – ‘And’ looks better in the title, that’s why I used it! You can find similar articles in the Music/Photo section of this blog.


MSR has done this tag in Tamil. Since I was familiar with the songs listed after 1988, I listened to the older songs. My favourites are: ‘Yengeyum Yeppodhum’, ‘Kalam Kalamaga Vazhum’, ‘Yogi B madai thirandhu’ (This is a newer remix of the old song, fantastically done).

Radha has done this tag in multiple languages. There is even a Bhajan! ‘Livin a vida Loca’ is a brilliant song. I almost forgot that one! The ‘os tribalistas’ song is also good.

Nita has done this tag in the comments section in multiple languages. My favourites are ‘Whenever whereever’, Grease Lightning and Dhoom-1 title song.

Den Relojo has recommended one song in the comments section – ‘Nobody but you’ – quite nice.

Matthew has done this tag in the comments section. My favourites are Der Kommissar, Poovukkena Poottu, Veerapandi songs.

Kiran has suggested the Macarena song. I almost forgot that one! Very nice song, the link is there in the comments section.

Swaram has done this tag in Hindi. I liked the Mera piya ghar aaya (madhuri), bolo tararara (daler mehendi), piya tu aab aaja, jooth bole kaawa kaate among others.

Three more people (Shruti , Makrand , Lostworld) have done this tag… actually in the comments section of Swaram’s blog and I flicked it from there – anything for listening to good songs! Anyways, I am pasting those songs in this comments section and will soon link them…

Sandhya has done this tag in Tamil and Hindi and I like all the songs – they are quite a different selection!

HitchWriter has done this tag in Hindi.

Wortman has done this tag in English. Interesting selection – never heard these songs before. Try listening to them!

IHM has done this tag mostly in English and I liked Boom Boom (Vengaboys), Scattman John, Alice songs.

Ashwathy has done this tag in Hindi/English and I liked Mauja hi Mauja, Kaaka kaaka and Fast and Furious (Tokyo drift) songs.

Reema has done this song in English/Hindi and my favourites are Didi, Chaiya Chaiya and Yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana songs.

Priya Iyer has done this tag in multiple languages… Actually there are so many songs, so will listen to them and list favourites.

Kanagu has done this tag in Tamil and I liked Engeyum Eppodhum (Remix), Azhagiya Laila, Rakkamma kaiya thattu songs.

Vimal has done this tag in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu. I liked Aaj ki raat, koi kahe kehta rahe, gilli songs.