Classical Fusion Music – The way forward?

October 23, 2009

The above song ‘Taaye yeshoda’ from the movie ‘Morning Raaga’ is one of the best Classical/Carnatic fusion songs that I have heard till now. The first fusion song I heard was ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ by Colonial Cousins. That was a brilliant fusion of western and classical. I have always wondered why there have not been many fusion songs after that. Carnatic/classical music has never appealed to me earlier, and I thought it was boring, when I was young. But of late, I seem to love music with a classical touch in them – which makes me wonder if age/circumstances influence our musical tastes…

Carnatic music, which is the classical Indian music popular in South India has been kept quite exclusive and as my friend says, even a rasika needs to know the nuances of raagam/thalam etc to appreciate its real beauty. May be that is one reason, they don’t carry mass popularity. But there are some real gems that even a common man (like me, for example) can enjoy and I was lucky to listen to a couple of them during a recent December music festival in Chennai. Western music and film based pop music seems to have a much wider appeal.

So, if more fusion songs like the above are made, probably a lot of people could enjoy and carry forward the versatile musical tradition that we have developed and nurtured over centuries. And if you know any fusion songs like this which are good (in any language), please do suggest them in the comments.

Destination Infinity

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  1. Will come back with the songs, Destination Infinity!

    Yeah, sure…

  2. not bad..but Sudha raghunathan’s voice is better in the original song…some how when you hear one artist sing it, you are used to it that way, even if that person changes it, it sounds wrong… 🙂 carnatic is amazing, in fact any type of music is…Krishna nee is damn good as well 🙂 I am no expert, but I guess know enough to understand it 🙂

    I heard the Unni Krishnan’s version also… the originals were definitely good…

  3. there are millions of fusion songs made.very few are marketed commercially. shivamani’s mahaleela is one excellent album.then there is trilok gurtu..most of the stuff i have are concert versions..but totally brilliant.. have you heard about the laya project??check that out..free

    I will get to know about this laya project shortly, thanks for the suggestion…

  4. I love Krishna by the colonial cousins.. this I need to hear… I cant hear here…

    there was another very good song from a movie that had Dimple and Vinod Khanna.. where Vinod Khanna was a classical singer and a guy plays guitar…

    wait lemme find it… its sooper..

  5. Found it…

    Nice song, thanks for the linking it here…

  6. I somehow never liked Carnatic music… will hear this one soon 🙂

    Generally the songs are quite boring, but there are some gems in Carnatic music, which you will certainly enjoy at some age…

  7. I am all for fusion songs to make sure everybody gets to enjoy them and only those who have the talent for and interest in may happily follow their wish 🙂

    Yeah, talent for the makers and interest for the listeners 🙂

  8. love the Krishna song of Colonial cousins…..

    will listen to this one now…

    generally fusion songs are great… i like them very much..

    Well, I thought Carnatic songs would be much more popular, if some fusion versions of them are made… like how the remixes are kallakkifying the tamil film industry now…

  9. Nice song
    And I particularly like the fusion songs.
    You would find many of them in fact on British Radios. Listem to them on their bbc iplayer if you have the inclination.

    For quite some time, I wanted to check that BBC iplayer… i think now is the time, will do it soon…

  10. Heard and loved both the beautiful videos!!

    Thanks IHM, you are the only commenter who listens to the songs…

  11. Awesome. I adore this music!

    Thanks MOR, for listening to it, even I was taken by surprise when I first heard it 🙂

  12. ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ by Colonial Cousins is one of my fav. Can’t listen to ‘Taaye yeshoda’ from here. will have to wait till eve 🙂

    There is something in that song from Colonial Cousins… I was very young when I first heard it, but still instantly liked it…

  13. Oh ya, this is an awesome song. Heard it during its release. Thanks for reminding me the song again.

    Wait, you will love this fusion for sure. It infact, got the state award for Vidyasagar.western fusion with Endoru Mahaanu.

    Heres one more from Vidyasagar (the actual video isnt there). western fusion with Maha Ganapathim :

    The Maha Ganapathim song was really good… I like the classical version of it too…

  14. I confess I am not a classic music buff but at the same time I think I would enjoy something which is pure classical rather than a fusion. Somehow I am not a fusion fan, but I think I am not the norm. People usually like fusion stuff.

    I think classical music at its core, requires a certain mindset to enjoy… Fusion might make it more enjoyable to a larger section of the people…

  15. The song is great! I don’t understand the nuances and intricacies of Carnatic music either but I enjoy intrumental music of most genres. I agree that fusion music is a good way to reach out to more people.

    Instrumental music is another gem, especially when they are based on classical music… I recently saw a video on youtube on the top western classical instrumentals – a good collection and very nice songs…

  16. no words.. just plain superb song… thanx.. thank u very much !

  17. […] add – I think it to be appropriate – some Indian ‘fusion’ music from the Destination Infinity blog. Here we are. “The song  ‘Taaye yeshoda’ from the movie ‘Morning Raaga’ [I am […]

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