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Tomorrow’s world is decided by today’s fight against Pollution

August 31, 2009
That, was the topic given to me a few years back – during a speech competition in my college actually (This was a preliminary round to short-list two people to participate from my college for a bigger competition). Thankfully, there were only 35-40 people and a couple of lecturers (one from another college) when I gave this speech. Read it below…

We have always been looking at pollution in our point of view. Let’s now try to look at it in the point of view of nature.

Sulphur is a part of nature and so is Oxygen. But Sulphur di-oxide is considered harmful to nature while it is also very much a part of it. Nature merely changes from one form to another. Some forms of nature are harmful to us but the amazing fact is, we have created these forms ourselves!

Maybe nature is trying to maintain an equilibrium through pollution. I am refering to the fact that mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water. Pigs and rats enjoy wallowing in slime. Polluted water creates a favourable environment for innumerable number of micro-organisms, which we consider harmful but are very much a part of nature. Maybe nature wants to allow all the species beholding it to enjoy its beauty equally. After all we are co-existing with above said species.

Or worse, has nature chosen us for extinction? May be that’s a part of our destiny. But we cannot do much about that anyway.

Now, let us look at pollution in our point of view. Applying the principle that every coin has two sides, we are aware of the positive side of science and also its negative side. Pollution is one of them. We know the negative side of pollution. Does it have a positive side? The very concept of positive and negative are vague in the sense that they cannot be defined in absolute terms simply because they are relative quantities. They just cannot exist individually.

Don’t we feel comfortable adhering to set patterns and in the process, polluting? Why else would we continue to use plastic covers and such things?

Don’t we actually save a lot of money because of pollution? Why else don’t we treat chemicals before releasing them in to water sources?

Don’t we see a future in pollution? Assume that we keep polluting at our present rate. In the near future, the situation would get so worse that we will be forced to control pollution. We would then have to make huge investments in harnessing the technologies needed for controlling pollution. This in turn would encourage a lot of investments and industries on pollution control and that in turn would encourage Universities to offer new courses on pollution control. In short, we can visualize a huge economic boom due to the large amount of money transfer involved, and all this because of pollution.

The question is, could we afford the situation to get so worse? May be we might just lose much more than we stand to gain? Would we like our breakfast to be replaced by some high energy life sustaining tablets simply because we can no longer grow crops? Would we want our younger generation to visit a ‘Virtual reality based highly life like’ forest in which they could see and listen to different animals simply because they no longer exist? I don’t claim that the damage would be so huge, but it might be in comparable levels.

We once believed in religion and kingdom. But we no longer do.
We once believed in imperialism and caste system, but we no longer do.
Now, we believe in Science and Capitalism (Silence for a couple of seconds …… to get the message across without saying it 🙂 )

Commercialization, is by and large our biggest hurdle in fighting pollution. Why else is a simple law like ‘Emission control’ not been effectively implemented in a few countries? What we need to do now is to transform our biggest hurdle in to our biggest strength.

If the economic boom due to the pollution control which I was describing before, could be created right now, why should we wait for the situation to get worse? If necessity, desperation, need and money are the factors which will make people change, we will bring them in an indirect way.

Everyone knows that renewable sources of energy and other pollution resistant technologies are going to be the future. The companies which bring them to the market earlier will have a majority market share. So, we will need to create a healthy competition which would encourage huge investments in to research and development of renewable sources of energy (Both from the Government and institutions), which would make the pollution resistant technologies commercially viable and more efficient than the non-renewable sources of energy. We will have to make the best talent available with us to work exclusively on the above quest immediately. Remember, we have no dearth of talent – they are just used in the wrong places.

No force, no law, no act and definitely no resolution will make people change. We will have to bring ideal solutions through more practical means.

Actually I was the first speaker, and left the hall immediately. So, I was not able to listen to what others had to say on the topic. Of course, I was not selected! 🙂 But I felt that it was a trend setting and path breaking speech, back then. Somehow I feel like that even now – I feel that I have lost my golden touch these days 😉

Warning: If you have come through the search engines, looking for an essay on pollution, you will have to exercise discretion while copying any part of this article as it is highly inflammable. I mean, your teachers eyes might go up in flames! Of course, I don’t have any problems with people copying my work. But no one does 😦 – LOL.

Destination Infinity

I still don’t understand why I was not selected 🙂

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