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Evolution of stupidity among humans

August 11, 2009

Vishesh has passed a couple of awards and tagged me to write on this topic – Evolution of stupidity among humans. With such an enticing topic, you just cannot stop me from writing…. So, here goes:

Alien: We have abducted you. You are now on-board in our space ship.
Oh no, is it a dream?
Alien: Pinch yourself and test.
Man: It’s not, well I am going to be a huge star on earth, after this… WoW.
Alien: We want to ask you a few questions…
Man: Interview? Already? Why not? Will you be broadcasting this in your TV?
Alien: No. It is a part of our understanding of your activities on earth.
Man: I will not answer questions like why we are polluting the planet by different means, why few of us make huge wealth and push more people in to poverty, why we have increased the global warming and carbon emissions, why we have wiped out so many animal and plant species off the land, air and sea, why we are destroying forests…
Alien: Wait. We would love to know about all that, thanks for those leads. But let us know this: Why did you invent the wheel?
Man: Ha, what a silly question! Wheel is a very symbolic invention of ours. In a way, it could be termed as our first scientific invention. It was the wheel which led to the invention of so many tools later on. We invented the bulb, we invented telephone, we invented train, we invented aeroplane, we invented the computer and everything else.
Alien: But why?
Man: They are all tools to make things easier for us. They enable us to save time. They do a lot of what we are supposed to do.
Alien: That means, you work for less hours now, when compared to the earlier times?
Man: Well not exactly.
Alien: Or, your work has become easier than before?
Man: Well no…
Alien: You don’t do anything any more and the computers do everything for you?
Man: See, you are taking things in the literal sense. What I meant was, we have progressed as a society. We have developed more intelligence. Perhaps a day will come when the robots, which we are trying to make today would do all the work for us, and we no longer need to work at all.
Alien: So that is your motivation. You don’t want to work at all.
Man: Well, why not?
Alien: Because, the Robots which you are inventing today, might get hold of your nuclear weapons one day in future.
Man: I never told you about nuclear weapons. How come you know about them?
Alien: I know more than what you think, I know. I am not an alien. I am a human being from the future. One of the few humans hiding in Mars because the robots have taken over both the planet and the nuclear weapons. And humans are no longer able to live on earth because of nuclear dust and unbearable pollution. You know what caused all this? That one invention – wheel. We were trying to go back to pre-historic times to stop that invention, hoping that humans will at least live in harmony with nature after that, but by some mistake we came to your time!

Destination Infinity

We are not in harmony with nature because of greed, not because of Science. We were greedy in the past, we are more greedy now and we will be even more greedy in future. Think about it!!

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