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General Theory of Beauty

July 11, 2009

I have developed a theory (based on my observation alone, and there is absolutely no scientific method applied to develop it) on the topic – Beauty. Do you remember this song from Kaho Naa Pyar hai – ‘Chaand Sitare….‘? One line in that goes like : ‘Hai roop mein itna saadapan, to kitna sundar hoga mann?’! which roughly translates to ‘If the person is so beautiful, how beautiful would his/her mind be?’ This set me thinking… Is physical beauty directly proportional to beauty of the mind? I know this is quite subjective (to the definition of beauty of the mind, not the physical beauty – where we more or less have a consensus), but still I propose my General Theory of Beauty:

The beauty of the mind [Is inversely proportional to] Physical beauty.
Note: This theory applies only to beautiful people and there is no converse of it like Lesser beautiful people having a lot of beauty in their minds, etc.

Slightly more explanatory version: When a person is very very beautiful (there is no need to discriminate based on gender, it applies to both men and women) then they develop a SUPREME EGO and think that AS they are very very BEAUTIFUL, they are some sort of BLESSED and SPECIAL creatures SPECIALLY sent on this EARTH and BECAUSE of their BEAUTY, they are ABOVE all LESSER MORTALS (read: lesser beautiful people). And since they develop that SUPREME EGO, the beauty of their mind becomes lesser and lesser. Of course, there may be exceptions.

Wait, It’s not yet over:  Replace Beautiful with Rich, Highly educated, Powerful etc, and the theory still holds. That’s why I am calling it the General Theory and not just Theory!

So, what do you people think of it 🙂 ?

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