Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs

February 15, 2009

Many years back, I happened to hear this song from the movie Geetanjali (Telugu) – Aamani Paadave Koyilaa. I liked it so much. So, I decided to buy a cassette. But I didn’t get the Telugu version and ended up buying the Tamil version of the same movie -Idhayathai Thirudathe. For some reason, the magic that was there in the Telugu version was not there in the dubbed Tamil version, even though the songs were great, no doubt! At that time getting the songs we like was quite difficult. But now, anything and everything is just a click away from us. Even though technology has brought so much within our reach, most of the time, we are lost in this big net of WWW.

Secondly, we are plain lucky to be from India, which has a regional language and a regional culture every 1000 Kilometers. That means that there are also regional songs. I have heard some wonderful Malayalam, Oriya and Bengali songs but have no idea about the album or the song so that I could buy it or listen to it online.

Thirdly, I know Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. But there are lot of Tamil people who do not have an exposure to Hindi songs and vice versa. Even I do not have knowledge about Telugu movies and songs.

So, for all the above reasons I want to create a Tag where some collaboration between the music loving Bloggers is required. My favourite songs are the slow, melodious and soulful (Hence the title). Hence I tag my fellow Bloggers and all the people who happen to read this post to let us know your favorite songs in your regional language/ Hindi / English. You can either do it as a post in your blog and intimate me in the comments section (I will link that post from here). Or, you could just do this tag in the comments section of this post itself (Even if you don’t have a website, just type www.nothing.com if a website name is asked in any column while commenting).

I am doing this tag first (Minimum 10 Songs, in two different languages please):

Click the songs below to listen to them (You could open the link in a seperate page)


Name of movie/Album – Song

Mouna Raagam – Nilave Vaa….

7G Rainbow Colony – Ninaithu Ninaithu parthen….

Kadhal Virus – Sonnalum Ketpadhillai….

Krishna Gaanam – Ayarpaadi Maligaiyil Thai madiyil kanrinai pol…. , Pullanguzhal kodutha mungilgale….

Dhalapathi – Yamunai Aatrile Eera Kaatrile….

Kaadalar Dhilam – Roja….

12 B – Poove Vaai peesum poodhu….

Indira – Nila Kaaigirathu Niram Theigirathu….

Apoorva Sagotharargal – Unna Nenaichen paatu padichen thangame….

Minnale – Vaseegara, yen nenjinikka, un pon madiyil….

Kadhal Konden – Devadhayai Kanden, kadhalil vizhundhen….

GunaJanani Janani Jagam ni agam ni….

Vaaranam Aayiram – Mundhinam Paarthene….

Thiruda Thiruda – Rasathi yen usuru yennudhilla….


Name of movie/ Album – Song

Sarfarosh – Hosh vaalon ko khabar kya….

Yaadein – Nagmein hain shikve hain (Title song)….

Dil Se – Hai Ajnabi tu bhi kabhi….

1942 A Love Story – Rhim Jhim Rhim Jhim….

Banaras – Om Namah Shivaya….

Ham hai rahi pyar ke – Ghoongat ki ardh se….

Jism – Jaadoo hai nashaa hai….

Tere Mere Sapne – Kuch mere dil ne kaha….

Kaho Naa Pyar Hai – Na tum jaano na hum….

Ghajini – Guzarish….

Anjaam – Badi Mushkil hai….

Taare Zameen Par – Title Song….

Lagaan – O Phal Naare….

Ok, now its time for you guys to do this tag. You may or may not link the songs – Don’t worry, we’ll Google or YouTube it! And if you are reading this and you are familiar with some other language that is not mentioned here (Like Oriya or Malayalam) please consider yourself immediately tagged!!

Update – II:

Best of Slow Melodious and Soulful songs – Songs 20 to 11

Top 10 Slow Melodious and Soulful songs

Update – I:

Nimmy has done this tag in Malayalam and Hindi (Don’t miss the 3rd , 6th , and 9th Songs in the Malayalam Section – They are too good). You can listen to them here: http://nimis540.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/tagged-softmelodious-and-soulful-songs/

Vishesh has done this tag in Tamil (Listen to one of them – classical) and some symphonies (The fifth song seems to be nice. If you like visual effects, the fourth one is too good). You can listen to them here: http://visheshunni.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/tagged-23/

Wortman has done this tag in German (My favorites are Karat – Schwanenkonig, Rosenstolz – Liebe ist Alles, Wolfsheim – Kein Zuruck). You can look up to them here: http://wortman.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/slow-melodious-and-soulful-songs/

Radha has done this tag in Chinese (My favorite Chinese songs among them are Song No. 1, Song No. 4, Song No. 6). You can listen to them here: http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2009/02/18/the-best-of-the-chinese-music-boundlessly-inspiring-in-10-songs-tagged/

Radha has done this tag in Italian (My favorite Italian songs among them are Song No. 4, Song No. 7 and Song No. 10). You can listen to them here: http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/slow-melodious-soulful-top-10-italian-songs-tagged/

Su has done this tag in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada (My favorite Kannada songs are Nee Amruthadhare (Amruthadhare), Anisuthide yaako indhu (Mungaru Malhe), Hoove Hoove (H20). You can look up to them here: http://harshasrisri.wordpress.com/tag-me/10-the-songs-tag/ (I am yet to listen to the Telugu songs. I will do that soon).

Reema has done this tag in Bengali and Hindi (My favorite Bengali Songs are Amar Raat Pohalo and the two Ravindro songs listed there. And if you are new to Old Hindi songs, there is an entire treasure waiting for you there). You can listen to them here: http://opinionsandexpressions.wordpress.com/2009/02/22/bengali-and-hindi-songs-tag/#more-2563

Radha has done this tag in Napoletano (Yes, there is a language like that J and it is an Italian dialect) So, my favorite songs are Song no. 6, 7 and 10. You can listen to them here: http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/top-ten-songs-in-italian-dialects-especially-in-napoletano-tagged/

Radha has done this tag in English (At last, one language that we know J and my favorite songs are Song no. 3, 4 and 9). You can listen to them here: http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/top-ten-soulful-songs-in-english-tagged/

Radha has done this tag in Spanish + Portuguese (My favorites are 1, 2 and 9. The first two songs are instrumental.). You can listen to them here: http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/top-ten-soulful-meodious-in-spanish-portuguese-tagged/

Swaram has done this tag in Hindi and Kannada. You can listen to them here: http://thesongoflife.blogspot.com/2009/02/whats-life-without-music.html

Man of Roma has done this tag in Italian and English Songs by American Italians. You can listen to them here: http://manofroma.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/italian-songs-anna-magnani-dean-martin-pavarotti-and-the-three-tenors/

Third Time a Charm has done this tag in Tamil and English and you can listen to them here: http://myheadtrip.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/third-time-a-charm/

Sahaja has done this tag in Telugu, Hindi and English and you can listen to them here: http://lovelysunrise.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/my-love-music/

Renu has done this tag in Hindi and you can look into the list of songs here: http://rinksnbitts.blogspot.com/2009/03/soulful-slow-and-melodious-songs.html

My story – ISB and beyond has done this tag in Hindi (First part, old songs) and you can listen to them here: http://ramsabode.wordpress.com/2009/03/07/slow-melodious-soulful-songs-1/

Dev(Lallopallo) has done this tag in Hindi and Punjabi and you can listen to them here: http://lallopallo.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/melodious-and-soulful-songs-tag/

Priya Iyer has done this tag in Hindi (130 Songs!!!) and Gujarati and you can listen to them here:


Gujarati: http://priyaiyer.wordpress.com/2009/04/07/songs-for-the-soul-2/

Destination Infinity

You could find similar articles in the Music/ Photo posts section of this blog.



  1. great idea of a tag:)
    I`d love to do that!! Will let you know accordigly.

  2. You mean… i should tell my favourite 10 songs in german language? Is it correct?
    my english isn’t very good 😉

  3. @Axinia: Thanks, you could also include some symphonies. We are not familiar with European music.

    @Wortman: Correct. (I sometimes get confused between Dutch, German, Deutsch, Holland and Austria!! 🙂 )

    Destination Infinity

  4. can i use also old german songs or must they be newer?

  5. the 10 tracks are going tomorrow online, ok? 🙂

  6. Please suggest old and new songs. In this part of the world, we are not familiar with German songs! I am waiting for tomorrow!!

    Destination Infinity

  7. Mauna Raagam is my one of my all time fav. Films. I like Kanmani something something from Guna. I absolutely love Nagme hain from Yaadein.

    I can do Hindi and English. Thanks for this melodious tag, DI.

  8. sounds good! m not very familiar with gujju songs, but would love to try all the same… will take it up asap… 🙂 thanks for the tag…

  9. This is interesting..I love soft melodious songs,that I may take 234957 web pages to list down my favorites..Will ahve a hrd time cut shorting it to ten..

    I have no idea of urdu,except some lovely words that appear heer and there in hindi songs..Can i do hindi and malayalam?

    Thanks for remembering me and tagging 🙂

  10. […] Destination Infinity has tagged me to list ten songs from two languages,those songs which are slow ,melodious and soulful.Being a music buff,I cannot waste a moment before I could recollect all those lovely songs.Here are a few songs,there are many many more..I hope you would listen to a few and do tell me how you felt listening to a song,from a language alien to you..I can’t say which among the below is more dear to me,every song is most loved for its own beauty..There are many more and I have lot to rant about each song,but for the sake of not boring you to death,I am just listing down the songs..Thanks for the tag  Destinationinfinity,you made my day […]

  11. Done 🙂 ..lol,sorry for being superfast in doing the tag..

    Good day

  12. I like this tag,will do it ASAP 😛 lol,I will do tamil and western classicals 😉

  13. nice tag – definitely on my todo list 🙂 I think there’s lots of songs that i want to add to the list. In the meantime so far among sites that I’ve tried, I’ve found it easy to hear music on http://www.raaga.com (but yeah we need broadband… I think its pretty reasonably priced nowadays in India, and from so many providers, hope you consider it and get the benefits!)

  14. […] tagged! Posted on February 16, 2009 by vishesh unni raghunathan Destionation Infinity  has tagged me! The tag’s name is “Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs“. […]

  15. that’s a sweet list of melodies..
    For me it would be tough because I would never be able to decide which would be the best among rahman scores…. would love to do it..


    ps – janani janani is from thai mookambigai film nah!!

  16. nice tag and nice choice. will do it soon.

  17. Very nice, indeed. I’ll get back to you with my songs…..

  18. […] Infinity” getagged mit der Bitte, doch 10 deutsche Lieder heraus zu suchen. “Destination Infinity” tagged me to post 10 german Songs. Here they […]

  19. Thats a great list DI 🙂 Many of the tamil songs are my favorites… Will do the tag soon 🙂

  20. Ayarpaadi Maligaiyil Thai madiyil kanrinai pol….
    — This song is from the album “Krishna Ganam”. A collection of Krishna songs from the famous singers of the 90s (SPB, Janaki, Suseela, LR.Easwari)

  21. I like this tag!! thank u, its a great inspiration, i know 4 languages: italian,spanish,english,chinese so it’s a long job but i already have 50% of it in mind~ see u!

  22. only slow +melodious+ soulful or of other kinds?

  23. You have put together some very good songs ever made in India. Great collection. Thank you very much!

    Keep Blogging! Blog rolling you…

  24. nice list ..will do it soon ..
    thanks for taggin me 🙂

  25. Infinity, i added 5 more german songs, cos my wife told me to do it 🙂

  26. Great Man, this open a vast treasure of songs we may never be able to hear. I will do this tag, and I will do it in French and English.

  27. @Infinity: your favourites are the same like mine 🙂

    a great thanks to you, that you selected me 🙂

  28. italians http://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/slow-melodious-soulful-top-10-italian-songs-tagged/
    & Chinese are on! But will follow more because we speak several languages in the family 🙂

  29. A life filled with a dim melodious hum in my ears can make me rest in peace till my bones dissolve in earth and let my soul sing the same tunes to the life which comes after me.

    I’ll do it! in Kannada, Hindi, and my mother tongue – Telugu.
    ‘l post the link as soon as i finish it. 🙂

  30. Done!! here it is!

  31. changed the link… here

  32. I started a tag sometime back too. Have a look at it and do it if u feel like 🙂

  33. your words are here!! Song, Infinity, God, Angel, Peace.
    U cud replace only 2 of the words with ur choice, just in case it is not feasible. 🙂

  34. […] I was tagged by Nimmy and Destination Infinity to list slow melodious and soulful songs in Bengali and Hindi. When cable TV had not taken over our […]

  35. @Solilo: I was actually confused between that song you mentioned and the other song that I have put…
    I think not many English songs I have been able to get through this tag, so please do.

    @Priya Iyer: Please list good Gujju songs, I have not heard even one till now!

    @Nimmy: Thanks for the Malayalam songs especially. And even some of the Hindi songs that you have mentioned – I have not heard them before!

    @Vishesh: Thanks for doing the tag. The symphonies you linked were interesting.

    @Sanjay: I would like you to list your favorite Kannada songs. I have broadband at my house in Chennai but in Bangalore, I am managing with my edge connectivity (Except for video/audio, this one is quite ok for browsing).

    @Aiz: Thanks for the correction, I will correct the name of the movie soon. If you look in to the songs I have suggested, I have included only those songs of ARR that have not been a national hit. Otherwise, this list would have been full of ARR!

    Destination Infinity

  36. @Reema: I am listening to the songs you linked right now in the other browser window! The old hindi collections are amazing!!

    @Molly: Which language(s)?

    @Kanagu: Can you do the tag separately for new songs and old songs in Tamil? I want someone to do this tag for old songs in Tamil.

    @Radha: Thanks for doing the tag in so many languages and so many options…. I will listen to the variation of the Italian songs today and link that too from here…

    @TAS: Thanks for the link, that’s exactly the song I was looking for but this Raaga jukebox doesn’t seem to work for me! It says loading and keeps loading! BTW why don’t you do this tag in your blog? We know you have an eye for picking up the best from the internet.

    @Biju Matthews: I think you have listed your favorite malayalam songs in your blog. I will check it soon. Tamil and Hindi, I am quite familiar with already.

    Destination Infinity

  37. @Wortman: In that five songs that you added later, 1 song was very good. Thanks for those songs, this is the first time that I am listening to German songs!

    @Chirag: Please do it in French. We would love to hear them…. BTW what is your mother tongue?

    @Su: Thanks for the Kannada songs especially. I am doing that tag today.

    Can someone do this tag in Oriya, Marathi, North/eastern languages? Why no contributions from Punjabi/Rajasthani etc???

    Destination Infinity

  38. anybody did it in URDU? this language is simply awsome and cool when sung!!

  39. As pointed by Aiz, Janani song is from Thai Moogambigai.
    I guess you mistook it for Paarthavizhi from Guna.

    • I am till now confused as to which is better!! That’s why I am not able to update.

      Destination Infinity

  40. nice to hear, infinity 🙂

  41. Wow! Thats a lovely tag. Wud love to take it.

    • Please do it and drop in a comment…. We would love to listen : But which languages are you planning to do this in?

      Destination Infinity

      • My mother tongue is Kannada. Have done it in Hindi and Kannada. Really enjoyed doing it; was listening to the Kannada songs after such a long time; thanks to the tag.

  42. And Man of Roma has done this tag because tagged by Reema, in Italian and English (= American songs from Americans of Italian origin).

    So you are the one who started all this. A very good idea.

    I’m a 60-year-old man from Rome, Italy and this tag thing gave me the opportunity to relive my first youth, when, in the post-war period (WWII,) my country was struggling for survival.

    There were not even cassettes at that time 🙂

    • Great periods of stress and suffering sometimes brings out the best of the arts. I mean, as an aftermath. The periods of resurgence is sometimes better than the arrogance of the good times. They may even help us rediscover ourselves without the associated ego’s.

      Heard the songs, and i have put my favorites among them in the comments.

      Destination Infinity

      • Thank you Destination Infinity (I’m now replying to your comment at my blog). As you know for us ww2 has been a tragedy. But the Italians have this virtue (is it a virtue?) of turning tragedy into comedy sometimes lol.

  43. […] perseverance pays…he tagged me for the third time here. This tag was started by Destination Infinity. The Aim: Let the readers know your favourite songs in your regional language/ Hindi / […]

  44. […] melodious, soulful songs – 1 Published March 7, 2009 Music Destination Infinity tagged me to list my favorite songs (slow, melodious and soulful). I guess the tag was mainly for listing my […]

  45. […] 23, 2009 Destination Infinity tagged me some time ago to post my favourite slow songs that are both melodious and have soulful lyrics. I am […]

  46. I am done with the HIndi songs… will put up the Gujju ones soon 🙂

  47. done in gujju as well… 🙂

    • Thanks for doing it so soon. Now the pressure is on me to compile the best ones fast, I am waiting for one bunch of Russian songs, and broadband at home to complete that! Will finish them soon.

      Destination Infinity

  48. […] 7, 2009 by priyaiyer Hey, people! I am here with the second part of the soulful songs tag – the Gujarati part. (The first part – the Hindi version – is here. […]

  49. […] is a result of the Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs Tag which was done recently by many of you. Since I had listened to most of the songs (by bloggers whom […]

  50. […] is a result of a Tag on Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs where I requested my fellow bloggers to list their favorite melodious songs in two languages and I […]

  51. finally done 🙂

  52. Thanks,

    Destination Infinity

  53. […] time back Destination Infinity, Nimmy, IHM and Reflections tagged me for my favorite melodies. I had this in my draft all this […]

  54. I think most of peoples like melodious and soulful even some mostly hear rock music. How can we collect olders songs with better quality and different languages.

  55. […] time, we did the Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs. This time, we will do Fast Furious and Danceable […]

  56. I have done this tag too 🙂 Thanks for initiating such a wonderful tag !!

  57. Good initiative mate!!!… down the lane this may be a good place for all the melody lovers like me to pickup melodious songs…

    and by the way… the song “Janani Janani jagam nee..”
    is not from film Guna. Its from film “Thai mookambikai”.. just in case if no one prior to me had pionted out..

    Keep it going.!!!

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