Match Fixing

June 10, 2008

He practices for ages…

That stuns even the sages.


He is the gifted one…

Also the chosen one.


Placing is hard, so he thought…

Leaving is harder, which he felt.


His performance was a stunner…

But he deserved an Oscar.


Oh God,


We miss catches and fix matches

And still call it ‘sport’


You mix actors and fix the script

And still call it ‘Life’


What is the difference between Thou and I?



Destination Infinity


  1. […] I am more bothered about is that I was not able to watch some of the matches! You could also read a Poem that I wrote on the topic ‘Match Fixing’ some time […]

  2. […] one day when the headlines in the News channels ran, “Match Fixing scandal unearthed. Players fix matches beforehand for […]

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