The Painting and the Photograph

January 3, 2008



03 Jan 1808, Ooty.

Diary of Col.Richard Bentlee.

If there could ever be heaven on earth,
This would surely be earth on heaven..

Never before have I been so eager,
To colour nature with its wonder..

Could I do justice to this splendour,
By wanting to paint the thunder..

So many strokes, so many curves,
So many brushes, so many colours,

How can I paint thy exuberance,
With my limited lead and limited pallete..

For a man, who has never spoken a lie,
I have just painted several – Thouugh my eye..

How many hours and how many days,
How many sketches and how many colours..

All self made excuses,
Only to get more glimpses..

How I wish I could lend my eyes,
They cant feel but atleast they could see..

How better could I glorify falsehood,

By first attempting to paint,
And then reciting through these words..

For I cannot recreate thy truth.
But atleast,
I can paint the nearest lie..
And send it to them along with this ode,
Which atleast is mine..

03 Jan 2008, Ooty.


HE: Did you get the photos I sent you?
SHE: What photos?
HE: The ones I emailed yesterday from Ooty.
SHE: Yeah, I remember getting the mail. But was busy. Not able to see them yesterday.
HE: Take a look at them. This new 10 Mega Pixcel Digital SLR Camera is really wonderful. What excellent and high quality pictures it gives!
SHE: Glad you liked my present.
HE: Yeah. I sometimes wonder, what people would have done, when there was no camera and no internet. We are so lucky!


It was not there in the inbox. He said he had sent it yesterday. Yesterday night – came home late, checked mail, deleted some mails..

May be it is in the Trash.

It was.

Destination Infinity.

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