Water – The Elixir of Life

December 6, 2007


The Elixir of Life

You are always beautiful

Whichever form you take….

Droplets in Rain,

Sea in Ocean,

Snow in a Snowfall,

Ice in a Glacier

They say,

Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder….

To any beholder,

You are

Ever captivating, intoxicating and addictive….


How can we live without you

You are the elixir of our lives

Because life revolves around water

You are too humble, you wouldnt accept it

But you are so addictive….

So is alcohol, so is tobacco

Whats the difference?

Destination Infinity


  1. lovely poem.

    the difference could be want vs need… others are merely wants, but water is a need.


    Do not overlook the truth that is right before you. Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks.

    Techniques employ four qualities that reflect the nature of our world. Depending on the circumstance, you should be: hard as a diomand, flexible as a willow, smooth-flowing like water, or as empty as space.

    If your opponent strikes with fire, counter with water, becoming completely fluid and free-flowing. Water, by its nature, never collides with or breaks against anything. On the contrary, it swallows up any attack harmlessly.


    Art of Peace

  2. water is essence of life, beautiful!

  3. Sanjay: Thanks for your comment. I just wanted to present a different view point. Nyways thanks for the Art of Peace link – was quite interesting.

    Radha: Thanks for reading the poem.

  4. Beautiful splendour of water there. WATER is the wonder of LIFE.
    The blessings of this existence is at once immense, only if we have an ‘eye’ to ’see’ it.

    (brought the comeent on the right post)

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